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nostril propellers

with nasal propellers you get to have scented nose air refreshed even on the out breath
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now, twice as much olfaction available to humanity!!!

nose propellers gently move outside air up the nose on at least one nostril even while breathing out

food is even more delicious; the olfaction of romance more enthralling; memory, allegedy associated with olfaction, is strongly stimulated perhaps reducing alzheimers

beanangel, Feb 20 2008


       Hooray for [Treon] the amazing! Shower him with buns for his olfactory genius! [+]*   

       [Treon] is a terminal fool who can neither write nor invent. [-]*   

       *Delete as applicable
wagster, Feb 20 2008

       Well, I for one applaud this idea. Most of [Treon]'s ideas are nonsense masquerading as an idea, whereas this one is nonsense masquerading as nonsense, in the best tradition. This may be the first bun I have ever given [Treon].
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 20 2008

       Not the first [Treon] idea that I have bunned, but he deleted the other one.   

       As long as they're quiet, and assuming they don't dry out the nasal passages too much, I think it's good.
lurch, Feb 20 2008

       I was actually hoping these would be like those whistles that have little propellors, and would make little "vooooOOoooom" noises as you breathed.
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 20 2008

       Nose impellers that reduce alzheimers !! Now why did GlaxoSmithKline not think of that? +
xenzag, Feb 20 2008

skinflaps, Feb 20 2008

       //memory, allegedy associated with olfaction is strongly stimulated perhaps reducing alzheimers// What if your grandmother starts developing false memories of her earlier life as a hovercraft?
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 20 2008

       Nasal nacelles!   

       A medical disaster of course, since it is the very humid exhalation air which keeps the olfactory membranes moist and therefore functional. After about a minute of the nostril propeller operating, you wouldn't be able to smell anything at all in that nostril.
ConsulFlaminicus, Feb 20 2008

       I just realized - there's nothing saying what the power source is. While I might normally opt for a mustache-mounted microdiesel, that might not be the best for this application.
lurch, Feb 21 2008

       Elegant. [+]
imaginality, Feb 21 2008

       //exhalation air which keeps the olfactory membranes moist//
[ConsulFlaminicus], if the fans blast a saline mist into the nostrils, it solves the dryness issue. That would be a great application for seafarers who yearn for the experience of sailing while on land, and reminiscent of a nor’easter with gale force winds whipping at your face, and the sea’s so high you’re tempted to lash yourself to the mast to avoid being washed overboard. Good times.

       //I might normally opt for a mustache-mounted microdiesel//
[lurch], just route the exhaust to the top of the head. Is there a more reliable face-mounted combustion engine?
Amos Kito, Feb 21 2008

       does it go in reverse too, you know, for deflecting hydrogen sulfide gas and thus preventing fartzhiemers
quantum_flux, Feb 21 2008

       you'd be firing on one propeller most of the time as everyone knows that nostrils take turns and while one is pretty dormant, the other is working flat out.
po, Feb 21 2008

       Maybe in London fog.
RayfordSteele, Feb 21 2008

       Wait a mo - isn't the sense of smell more to do with the rate of change of concentration of molecules? Hence why, after a few minutes standing in a farmyard, the smell of cow manure is no longer noticeable.   

       In honesty, I suspect I'd be more willing to bun this if it was posted by someone else. As terrible as that is, at least I'd know they didn't take their idea seriously... [+/-]
david_scothern, Feb 23 2008

       Disappointed to find that the props are /driven/, and not an unexploited free energy harvesting method.
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Feb 23 2008


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