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Hover Casino

For the High Rollers
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Las Vegas is in the desert.
Roswell, NM is in another part of the desert.
Coincidence? I think not.
Every possible configuration for a Casino is in Las Vegas. There's "New York, New York", "Luxor" (Post Modern Pyramid), "Stratosphere" (Like the Space Needle of Seattle, WA in a sense), along with other themes and some outrageously expensive suites in some bee-yootiful hotels.
Regardless of how much money one is spending on a room, dinner, gambling losses, I mean winnings - once one steps outside, all they can do is run to the pool or get back to the gambling floor as the temperature is extremely hot. I'd like to see a big-ass Casino hovering over Las Vegas shading different portions as it moves around town. Hovering Casino has to be a mover and a shaker, otherwise the sun worshippers'll get mad.
thumbwax, Apr 25 2002

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       So have a kind of gigantic conglomeration of blimps, like an enormous raft in the sky, devoted solely to the art of robbing tourists of their money?   

       I like it! We could call it "Laputa"!
qt75rx1, Mar 13 2008


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