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Beat those tree-huggers!
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Quite often, construction projects such as bypasses and airports are brought to a halt by the actions of a small group of protesters. One of their tactics is to lie down in front of the oncoming bulldozers. Now, I noticed the other day some footage of a hovercraft being driven over a person lying on the ground - they were completely unharmed. So the solution is to equip bulldozers with hovercraft functionality (or fit a huge blade to the front of a hovercraft, whatever).
Stingray, Mar 25 2004

http://www.plustech.fi/Walking1.html http://www.plustech.fi/Walking1.html
[AO, Oct 04 2004]

(?) Origins http://www.alternat...ca/article1041.html
[Fussass, Oct 04 2004]


       Maybe if you sneak up with a steel cable and pole, attach them around the tree like a tourniquet, and have workers quietly twist through the trunk.
FarmerJohn, Mar 25 2004

       Bad science - as Tabs notes, a hoverdozer will be completely useless.   

       The way this is being solved in real life for logging trucks, if not bulldozers, is using superwide underinflated tires that can roll over a person without harming them. This is more to save loggers' lives in accidents than to necessarily save tree huggers, of course.
DrCurry, Mar 25 2004

       You could just step over them. [link]   

       Ha !
skinflaps, Mar 25 2004

       Well, it's not so much traction that's required, as force. I forgot to mention the 4 Rolls Royce Olympus turbojets fitted to the Hoverdozer. They'll have thrust vectoring to keep things straight, and of course, re-heat for the more recalcitrant obstructions
Stingray, Mar 25 2004

       See the link for the origins of this term treehugger; a community based non-violent movement led mostly by women. Naturally we would want to neutralize it.
Fussass, Mar 25 2004


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