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JCB Frying-Pan Backhoe

builder's breakfast
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I was just making breakfast, and it occurred to me that there is "a gap in the market" (my most hated expression of all time) for a new type of frying pan apparatus.

I therefore bring you the JCB Frying-Pan Backhoe.

Power is provided by a rechargeable battery that drives the scaled down hydraulics. The controls are housed behind a shield to protect the operator's nimble fingers from being splashed by boiling fat. For stability, the pan must of course be secured using a set of extending legs, so that the extra weight of the backhoe assembly doesn't cause an overbalance.

The controls operate in exactly the same way as those of its full scale industrial construction partner. (see link) This means that eggs, bacon, potatoes, mushrooms etc can be moved around on the pan; lifted; turned; and finally swung around, to be dumped unto the waiting plates.

xenzag, Jun 19 2011

JCB http://www.jcb.com/
now available in non-stick teflon finish [xenzag, Jun 19 2011]

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[Voice, Jun 19 2011]


       An enjoyably implemented idea you cooked up.   

       Outfitted with a grapple or implemented on the BBQ ect... well gosh, what fun: Toss the salad, excavate the ice cream, mash the potatoes, tenderize the meat, dredge the gazpacho.
Sir_Misspeller, Jun 19 2011

       [ ] I don't see standard construction equipment as being particularly useful in cooking. Serving, yes.
FlyingToaster, Jun 19 2011


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