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How Does One...

...get the system...
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...to tally all the ideas currently in the 'bakery and tell me how many's there?
whatrock, Aug 03 2023

Extant https://www.halfbak..._20each_2e:t=Extant
[a1, Aug 03 2023, last modified Aug 04 2023]

Edit the view https://www.halfbak...=Extant?op=editview
[a1, Aug 06 2023]

Visualisation of [a1]'s view https://drive.googl...-NcAn2Yl2jElpa/view
[pocmloc, Aug 06 2023]

Ignore the error, look at the Filter By Author field https://www.halfbak...u=32224?op=editview
32224 is aniola, change it to 32225 and it’s empty. [a1, Aug 06 2023, last modified Oct 23 2023]


       See link of users with a count of their ideas currently available.   

       I don’t know of any easy way to get the total # of ideas though. A less than easy way is to grab that list, coerce it to comma separated values, and drop it into Excel.   

       But I’m an outsider. Maybe [jutta] or another insider has an easier approach.
a1, Aug 03 2023

       just pasting that table into a spreadsheet and doing a sum:   

       57,705 ideas.   

       8381 users   

       6.9 ideas per user
mylodon, Aug 04 2023

       Eliminate all inactive users and anyone with less than seven postings and the average will change substantially.   

       Links up perfectly with the FLFBG. Winnowing it down to the winnows.
minoradjustments, Aug 04 2023

       //and anyone with less than seven postings//   

       Why would you want to remove those?
Voice, Aug 04 2023

       Because it's like saying that the average lifespan 100 years ago was fifty.
When you factor out infant mortality rates you find that many folks regularly made it to 80 or more.

       6.9 ideas per user just seems low to me.   

       [mylodon] - how did you come up with your user count? I read it as 6287 users, giving an average of 9.18 ideas per user.   

       As for whether or not you should discard any data, it depends what you are trying to learn from the set. 88% of the users listed had 9 or fewer ideas - and the list doesn't include the unknown number of lurkers with 0 ideas. So the low average seems reasonable to me.   

       Another measure of activity (which I don't know how to collect) would be the total number of ANNOTATIONS per user.
a1, Aug 04 2023

       don't let me near a calculator! yes it's 6287 when i add correctly.
mylodon, Aug 04 2023

       marked for clickbait   

       so instead gave you pastry on an old idea I missed.   

       Airplane Runway Clearance Light Pole Restander Upper   

       with 8th of 7's Rumblebirds link.
pashute, Aug 06 2023

       57,705 ideas..... this means that my ideas represent 2.816% of the halfbakery!
xenzag, Aug 06 2023

       So you are no longer a 1%-er?
whatrock, Aug 06 2023

       > no longer a 1%-er?   

       Wouldn’t a 1%-er be anyone who posted more than 577 ideas? As the top creator, [xenzag] is in a class by himself. Next closest would the late, lamented [8th_of_7], followed closely by [doctorremulac3] - who may need years to catch up.
a1, Aug 06 2023

       Quite right, apologies. My mind was very elsewhere.   

       [a1] what fields did you change on the search page to get your results?
whatrock, Aug 06 2023

       What did I change? Not sure what you’re asking, but to get the “low res” view - to make it easier to extract the result text - I added /lr/ in the first link I posted. I had to postfix that, no way to create or edit a low-res view.   

       The second link will let you see (and edit) the view specification.
a1, Aug 06 2023

       I made a visualisation of the data. Its an interesting distribution.   

       How do you access the numbers?
pocmloc, Aug 06 2023

       // How do you access the numbers? //   

       I was waiting for someone to ask that :D   

       Create a view that specifies a user by name. Then look at the URL it generates. The fu=### means “for user” - not a more common F.U. To figure out the highest numbered user account, I took the URL for my own number, added a couple hundred to that … and found nothing. Then did a binary search until I hit one where N had an account, and N+1 turned up nothing.   

       N turned out to be aniola.
a1, Aug 06 2023

       Thank you, [pashute].   

       The Airplane Runway Clearance Light Pole Restander Upper has yet to gain traction at my local airports, even though it could be had in a package deal with the Airplane Runway Clearance Light Pole Knocker Downer.
whatrock, Aug 06 2023


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