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Help wanted with 3D Mockup

Marked for Expiry
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I would love some assistance from a fellow baker with the 3D designing of a widget for fabrication using a 3D Printer. I have the rough outline done up in Sketchup
senatorjam, Jun 10 2013

Rough Mockup http://tinypic.com/...php?pic=2im87jo&s=5
The tile with the letter is 1/4 inch and should fit in the slot on the face. I'm not sure there is enough material in the corners for it to be fabricated. [senatorjam, Jun 10 2013]

Extrusion http://www.adonacor....com/diy_parts.html
[MechE, Jun 11 2013]


       You want to do something practical? Heretic! Stone the unbeliever!
not_morrison_rm, Jun 10 2013

       If you've already created the 3d file, sounds like you don't need any help. Just export your dxf or iges file to one of many online 3d printing services. I could give you names of people I've used but it's been several months and in the tech world several months is a long time. Newer companies are probably out there charging half as much as I've paid.   

       If you're got a Tech Shop in your area (look it up) you can take a class like I did and do it yourself.   

       Now of course real men just plunk down the $1,500 bucks or so and get a 3d printer kit for the office. That's my next move.
doctorremulac3, Jun 10 2013

       My brother-in-law's favorite show. Got an episode name? I'll check it out.   

       Senator J, there's no problem with your piece. It would be very easy to print in 3d, but go ahead send it out and get a free estimate. They'll tell you if there are any issues.   

       But there aren't.
doctorremulac3, Jun 10 2013

       Thanks Doc
senatorjam, Jun 10 2013

       No prob. The only thing you run into is having supports added for some pieces, like arches and such but I don't see anything like that here.
doctorremulac3, Jun 10 2013

       I'm pretty sure the collective wisdom of the Halfbakery can help to solve at least two thirds of your problem. I, for one, am prepared to mock.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 10 2013

       I get distracted easily, and often in meetings, I need something to do with my hands in order to remain focused. It is often not polite to play with your cell phones. I am attempting to create a item, similar to those square number games that allow you to rearrange numbers because of a missing tile. This however will have a 27 hexagons rotating about a single spindle. 26 will contain six tiles each, and the last will contain five. So there will be six sets of the alphabet, and five spaces. This will allow me to construct phrases of up to six words, and give my hands something to do.
senatorjam, Jun 10 2013

       //Big Bang Theory - 3D printing.//   

       Thanks Big, cute episode. "$5,000. Not for just a pair of dolls, as many dolls as we want. And whistles too."   

       I like where they made the 25 cent whistle in only 3 hours.
doctorremulac3, Jun 10 2013

       [senatorjam]; check your g-mail for a little help.
neutrinos_shadow, Jun 10 2013

       Thanks a lot -NS
senatorjam, Jun 10 2013

       Thanks a lot -NS
senatorjam, Jun 10 2013

       No problem. Keep us up to date with progress - the idea is very workable.
neutrinos_shadow, Jun 11 2013

       Just a thought, but you might search around for hexagonal aluminum framing extrusion. I'm pretty sure I've seen octagonal (see link, 5th down), but hex might exist, and slicing that off on an aluminum capable saw would probably be cheaper than 3D printing, even with the time to debur it.   

       You could than size the tiles to fit.
MechE, Jun 11 2013

       There is a .stl import/export plug in for sketch up that might be helpful.
leinypoo13, Jun 11 2013

       I envision the good senator sitting in the darkened meeting room, grunting in satisfaction, holding upright his 27 inch long spindle thick with impaled hexagons, his hands feverishly working up and down its length.
bungston, Jun 11 2013


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