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A submission service that diligently tests only your dumbest ideas for potential uses---safely
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This service would test (free of charge and as a public service) your highly risky and potentially damnable ideas, quick fixes, shortcuts, and back of the envelope schemes.

Of course there would be costs to test and evaluate, but this could be backed by industry sponsorship like the Underwriters' Lab or Good Housekeeping services.

Haven't we all had ideas without the slightest clue what would really work, and what benefit would derive from the exercise of our best guess? For example, how large a quantity of cigarette ash could be mixed in copier toner and still produce copies? Or, how many people will actually try Cosmo Girl's recipe for 'Jerk Salsa' (One can of picante sauce, six bottles of nail polish)?
reensure, Dec 27 2000


       Cosmo actually published such a recipe? I'm pretty sure nail polish is toxic...
egnor, Dec 28 2000

       Yeah, egnor. p.106 of the Dec2000/Jan2001 issue. In a 'cabooles' ad. Granted, this is a Hearst teens' publication and it contains tobacco ads. I did have a hard time making out what the ad was actually selling, but Caboodles is a subsidiary of the Plano molding co. that makes those nifty tackle boxes.--Old joke, "Yeah, I married her because she has worms, and I love to fish."
reensure, Dec 29 2000

       Howz't is also "hello" to any South African, pronounced "haaarzit" Just thought you'd like to know. One Halfbakery is enough. A rose by any other name is still a…
Jonathan, Dec 29 2000


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