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Executive hand lotion

Hand antipersperant for businesspeople and politicians.
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This is a masculine sented cream that a man can be proud to wear. He puts a little on his palms before his big meeting.

It prevents sweaty hands and leaves his signature scent on every hand in the room.

Hiremetoday, Feb 03 2005

Mitchum, for one, makes anti-perspirant cream http://www.walgreen...=100240&id=prod6284
"Anti-perspirant & deodorant cream scented". If memory serves, Mitchum products are primarily marketed toward men (except for the Lady Mitchum products, I suppose) [half, Feb 03 2005]


       hey, calm down [hireme], perhaps just a couple of ideas a day to start off with ?
1. Business people
2. sp. scented
3. antiperspirant
4. cream


       apart from that, for the very nervous I imagine a hand antiperspirant might be welcome, although surely the scent would be a bit of a give-away ?
neilp, Feb 03 2005

       also, [hireme], see how the other ideas have categories ? why not try giving one to your ideas?
neilp, Feb 03 2005

       Don't anti-perspirant creams already exist? I've never used such a product, but I've seen it.
half, Feb 03 2005

       wow [half] you learn something new every day.
[hireme] how does your 'hand creme' differ from the other antiperspirant creams ?
neilp, Feb 03 2005

       I love the feedbake. Will try to toast ideas longer next time, thanx.
Hiremetoday, Feb 03 2005


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