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Human Complaining Service/Protocol For Robots

Clean up your dammn floor before the roomba starts cleaning
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For robots, sometimes life is made harder by lazy humans.

E.g. You want to clean the floor but the humans keep leaving clothing on the floor.

So the roomba if its about to clean, or is cleaning and found it's job being obstructed by humans, would be able to send a complaint to the owner to encourage the owner to make the robot's life easier.

mofosyne, Jan 07 2018


       How about a gently flashing light on the robot which then tells you what it needs you to do. For a roomba "pick up pants", for a cooking robot "out of lentils" Seems better than an email alert.
beanangel, Jan 07 2018

       What about a photon torpedo ?   

       Dalek/Roomba Hybrid: "Beeep, beeep"   

       Human: "Huh ? Ahhhch, shaddup .."   

       Dalek/Roomba Hybrid: "ZAPPPPPPP ! "   

       Human: <faint sound of cooling charred remains>
8th of 7, Jan 07 2018

       Give a Roomba a slightly more powerful motor / brush assembly, and it can clear any awkward humans out of its way as it proceeds, using the same mechanism it uses for its daily job.
Wrongfellow, Jan 07 2018


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