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Lemon bot

Sell lemonade and develop robots
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A lemonade stand is the traditional way for a child to start to learn how to run a business. There are others such as lawn mowing and newspaper delivery. As business management becomes more automated we need to work on and study the interface between business decisions, AI, and robotics.

This company or lab would attempt to make a robot capable of fully running all legally possible aspects of a lemonade stand. It would need to go to a store, decide on, purchase, and transport stock, mix lemonade, decide a price point, serve customers, and clean up. And whatever else is needed.

Obviously there are things that an AI/robot can't do yet. But the point isn't really to have lemonade bots capture the market from some poor tykes. It's to learn which aspects of business management need to be properly fleshed out in the form of AI.

Physical labor is already being worked on. The problems this program would address are such things as selection of a location, obtaining legal permission to use it without a human in the loop, and so forth.

Voice, Apr 23 2022


       An excellent proposal for evolving the necessary systems, a child friendly 'industry', great choice of sandpit for studying the baby steps required [+]
Skewed, Apr 24 2022


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