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Human Foosball

A game for all ages
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This is like the table-top football/soccer game, but played with real people on a real soccer field.

You section the field into "strips" cross-wise, so that each section is about 10 feet wide. Alternate team players by strip, so that the goalie and guards are Team A in the first strip (Team A's goal side). The next strip would contain Team B's forwards, facing Team A. Strip 3 has Team A again, facing toward Team B's goal. Ad so on, thusly:

[nevermind - my painstakingly accurate diagram doesn't conform well to this venue. Use your imaginations - it'll look like a foosball table]

You cannot leave your strip, and must only face forward - no turning (although mild twisting is allowed).

I have tried the game thus far with a group and it's fun - good for kids because you don't have to run too much. So this much of the game is baked.

To bring it back to "half-baked" status, I'd like to add long poles that cross the field. Each team member in a strip has to hold on to the pole with both hands and not let go. This way, when on player moves sideways to intercept a ball, all the players in the strip have to move. Much more like foosball that way. AND the crowd can hold onto the handles and move the players (thanks [yama]!)

Matty, Sep 18 2003

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[po, Oct 04 2004]

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       // good for kids because you don't have to run too much //   

       Boy, if there's one thing kids hate to do, it's run.
DeathNinja, Sep 18 2003

       add rows of handles to the ends of the poles, so that the crowds can participate in where they think the players should be positioned...
yamahito, Sep 18 2003

       Actually, your last paragraph completely moves this into the baked category. There are various companies that specialize in adult recreation at outdoor parties, that have full size foosball sets you can rent. See links.
krelnik, Sep 18 2003

       Aha! I don't think any of the links incorporate my little addition - quick, Matty, add it to the idea and ensure your originality!
yamahito, Sep 18 2003

       I'd like to see this installed in my office environment. + even if baked to a blackened stubby crisp.
k_sra, Sep 18 2003

       I want a drawing (with or without crows on the field)
po, Sep 18 2003

       Ah. Well - I guess that's good news. Thanks [krelnik]. Maybe I'll "un-half-bake" it by deleting the "poles" part. But then it's baked anyway...d'oh.
Matty, Sep 18 2003

       [DeathNinja] - while kids love to run, I was thinking this could be a good way to include both kids AND adults in a game and the kids wouldn't be forced to slog up and down the field behind their parents.   

       [po] From the top down it looks like an American football field, with the 5 yd lines marked off, and the players are stuck between lines.
Matty, Sep 18 2003

       humour me, I admire your art.
po, Sep 18 2003

       [Matty] You don't consider sitting on the sidelines drinking beer and eating KFC "included" in the game?
DeathNinja, Sep 18 2003

       Whenever I here the word Foosball, I always think of those fuzzy-felt things I had when I was young. Many may not know what I mean...
silverstormer, Sep 18 2003

       I'm sorry you are upset but that is football!   

       losing Seaman to manchester is TRAGIC but I don't expect you to understand
po, Sep 18 2003

       Seaman? Manchester? That's one wild night you've been having [po]...
silverstormer, Sep 18 2003

       where you been this season, silver? see link.
po, Sep 18 2003

       Season? I guess you mean the summer...I have been working like mad, frolicking, enjoying the good UK weather and drinking lots...you?
silverstormer, Sep 18 2003

       knocking myself out with decorating says it all but back to footie... Seaman is still the greatest ever goalie!!
po, Sep 18 2003

       Gordon was a sweetie but Seaman is da man (exception - big p. who is combatting Isabel as we speak)
po, Sep 18 2003

       I'd prefer Seaman anyday, considering what we have in goal at the moment for England....no wait!
silverstormer, Sep 18 2003

       David Seaman is sex on legs and is a gentleman with a sense of humour. eat yer heart out kreuner..
po, Sep 18 2003

       Sorry, but I agree with [po], don't know why I am sorry...[Kruener] you may have the power of statistics on your side, but you will never have the power of experience and admiration Seaman has aspired to. Even I a seemingly unfootball-interested male, knows and feels the power of the national side. DS didn't spend numerous years in one of the best English sides for nothing not to mention his National caps....thank-you...
silverstormer, Sep 18 2003

       Actually, I recently Baked this Idea about two months ago (before I had stumbled across Halfbaked.com) for a French project. I was supposed to create a sport to present en Francais, so I happened to conjure this up.   

       Basically, I got long cabinet dowels for a few people to hold onto, and a goalie who stood in the net.   

       Great fun, the class loved it.
Cuit_au_Four, Feb 06 2004


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