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Feel the Excitement Seat!

Hey!! Hey! I'm trying to take a nap here!!!
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This is a similar idea to those video game controllers that vibrate during key moments in a game, except this is a seat at a real game that vibrates and maybe makes some sounds or plays music or whatever. In baseball a homerun could trigger it; basketball, a dunk; football americano, a touchdown; football for the rest of the world, a goal...etc. It could come with the option of muting the vibrations/noises if you do wanna catch some zzz's. I'm sure the taxpayers would'nt mind a bit throwing in a little extra money for this option the next time their city has to finance a new stadium.
goober, Jun 01 2005

Tactile Transducers http://www.practica...m/bass-shakers.html
Aura, Buttkickers and other bass tactile transducers are ever more finding their way into home theatre seating and furniture. [bristolz, Jun 01 2005]


       Anything that's going to (a) put an increase on the cost of a season ticket and (b) ravage my winter hemorrhoids can get to Falkirk.
calum, Jun 01 2005

       The actuator would only have to work across the edge of the seat, 'cos that's where the occupant should be.
coprocephalous, Jun 01 2005

       Also, an inconspicuous low-grade heating element might cause a bit of dehydration, resulting in improved sales of beverages.
Soterios, Jun 01 2005

       Genius thinking there Soterios.
goober, Jun 01 2005

       Good one for the adult video market. Am surprised you did not mention it.
zeno, Jun 01 2005

       //an inconspicuous low-grade heating element// ...also useful when playing a computer game and the hero wets himself.
moomintroll, Jun 02 2005

       During exciting moments at stadiums, people usually stand, unless it's baseball, in which case there aren't any truly exciting moments. Great for the house though. [+]   

       Kidding 'bout the baseball thing. I love that game.
daseva, Jun 02 2005


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