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Hired crowds

Cheer for sports and change odds
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This company would hire crowds to cheer for a particular team, person, or animal hopefully changing the odds and thereby funding itself via slanted bets.
Voice, Dec 04 2020

Philadelphia's lovely crowds https://www.theguar...teries-on-the-field
[bs0u0155, Dec 04 2020]


       //assumes that "crowds" will be allowed to congregate//   

       What if the agency could supply a pre-screened crowd? Once cleared they'd be free to cheer for Man City in the early kick-off then bussed over to cheer for Man Utd in the 3pm kick-off and then up to cheer on Burnley in the late kick off.   

       Even after the current restrictions are gone, there are a lot of advantages to this idea - so far, we've been relying on amateur crowds which are prone to all sorts of poor behavior. This crowd could give the impression of a hostile partisan atmosphere, but the players on the pitch will be secure in the knowledge that they're unlikely to be pelted with a section of seating or D-cell batteries. <link> Similarly, the pro crowd could tear into the ref, but without any foul language being picked up on the pitchside mics, which should protect the kiddies in the TV audience... Perhaps the crowd could even self-censor "The referees' a bleep-er!"   

       A professional crowd could even orchestrate a traditional football riot, pre-planned and practiced, a few trained stunt-doubles in the mix it'd be like pro-wrestling but x10,000.
bs0u0155, Dec 04 2020

       // a pre-screened crowd? //   

       It's called an "infantry battalion", and it's Baked.   

       // a traditional football riot, pre-planned and practiced //   

       See above, just add alcohol and then shout "Oh look ! Germans ! "
8th of 7, Dec 04 2020

       How about crowds of robot fans being controlled via sophisticated telepresence links by real fans sitting at home wearing VR headsets? Everyone wins: the game gets fans in the stadium and the ‘atmosphere’ and sound that comes with a stadium full of fans, and the fans get to cheer for their team and watch the game.
hippo, Dec 05 2020


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