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Humidifier with style

Humidifiers in the shape of things that people will buy.
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A friend of mine owns one of these: (see link 1)

He'd played around with it, though. He put a little penguin jacket on it, sunglasses, and sometimes he'd stick a little fake cigarette in it's beak and we'd all get a laugh out of the smoking penguin.

Which led me to wishing there were more humidifiers in novelty shapes like that: A sexy babe with a cigarette in her mouth, the Starship Enterprise with smoke coming out of the engines, A Charizard with smoky breath, a tropical Volcano, a jet fighter, the possibilities are seemingly endless.

Though this isn't a really original idea, (searching around I did find this little R2D2 one: (see link 2)) I guess I'm just wondering why this hasn't caught on/why no one has taken advantage of the smoky effect to make something awesome.

backdoorangel, Feb 10 2010

Penguin Humidifier (link 1) http://www.target.c...ifier/dp/B0008GNJSQ
[backdoorangel, Feb 10 2010]

R2D2 Humidifier (link 2) http://www.shopncsx...2usbhumidifier.aspx
[backdoorangel, Feb 10 2010]


       The location of the fan control knob on that penguin humidifier seems quite inappropriate.
ed, Feb 10 2010

       Search for "novelty humidifier" and you will add many more to that list.   

       // He put a little penguin jacket on it//   

       I think we're glossing over something quite significant here. Where did "your friend" find a "little penguin jacket"? Did "he" actually plan this, make little sketches, put together a pattern, cut the material, hand-stitch it?   

       When you think about this, it is really a rather disturbing thought.
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 10 2010

       you prefer your penguins naked I presume ?
FlyingToaster, Feb 10 2010

       //A sexy babe with a cigarette in her mouth//   

       Is no longer sexy.
DrWorm, Feb 10 2010

       seconded DrWorm.   

       I'd just like one that lasts longer than 2 years. They don't make them like they used to.
RayfordSteele, Feb 11 2010

       It's a long time since I smoked, but my cigarettes never lasted anywhere near that long.
angel, Feb 11 2010

       [Rayford] What? Sexy babes with cigarettes?
hippo, Feb 11 2010

       Perhaps unsurprisingly, I own the kind of penguin humidifier depicted in link 1. The water vapor is only visible if you run it at full blast - I've done that for amusing effect, but usually, my penguin is a smoke-free. Still, good idea.
jutta, Feb 11 2010

       The long winter evenings must simply fly by.   

       Actually, I'd like a fully animatronic Pan's People humidifier, with the humidiness playing the part of the dry-ice fog.
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 11 2010


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