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Kitchen Sink Countdown

Countdown until hot water
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Sometimes, when you wake up, you just want hot water, but it takes a while.

My idea ocupies your mind while you wait, it consists of a large red button and a temperature sensor, which hooks up to your sink.

You press it, and in a faint, impending voice, anounces the estimated time until hot water arives, with screams of "Oh my god, we're all gonna die!!!" and "Save yourselves" in the backround, while the anouncer counts down "Hot water in 10, 9, 8, etc"

If it takes longer than expected for the hot water to arive it would simply create a new countdown, like; "Hot water in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1... hot water process initiated, hot water in 5, 4, etc"

thelambs, Mar 14 2004

Cheap Instant Hot Water http://www.grundfos...CD5C1256C3D003D8118
Not as entertaining, but solves the problem. [oxen crossing, Oct 21 2004]

Simliar idea http://www.halfbake...aucet_20Thermometer
Faucet thermometer [thelambs, Oct 21 2004]


       We also need a Shower Cold Water Countdown. "The hot water reserve will be depleted in 10, 9, 8, ..."
Laughs Last, Mar 14 2004

       Awesome. Who knew washing dishes could be so epic?
oatcake, Mar 15 2004

       My hot water takes forever to arrive. Countdown would have to start at 100.
Cedar Park, Mar 15 2004

       I assume that you came up with this idea because it was kind of boring to wait until hot water comes. Why not to turn the radio on automatically for these few seconds?..
Inyuki, Mar 15 2004

       Morning radio. [shudder]
Detly, Mar 15 2004

       I hate waiting like a fool for a flickering fluorescent light to turn on, as it gasps like an old lawnmower coming to life.
FarmerJohn, Mar 15 2004

       Surely a small device hooked up to your alarm clock, which starts the hot water tap running?   

       By the time you get into the bathroom its already coming out nice and hot .. why wait at all?   

britboy, Mar 15 2004

       I'm just wondering why thelambs bathes in the kitchen sink. No washbasin in your bathroom?   

       It would be useful to have a thermometer on the tap, but I imagine that's been done.
DrCurry, Mar 15 2004

       Medical adage: wash only what you can feel.
dpsyplc, Mar 15 2004

       One idea is to have recirculating hot water (these are baked). As soon as the tap is opened, hot water is available. The pipes need good insulation. Only for the rich.
Ling, Mar 15 2004

       [Ling], not only for the rich. For about $250 US, you can get a pump and remote temp sensing valve, requires no new piping (pumps it into the cold water piping). Good idea to insulate your pipes. Comes with a timer. Really only adds a small amount of extra energy use, as you are essentially just adding to the tank capacity of your hot water heater by the volume of the hot water pipe, probably only a few gallons. And you save about 10,000 gallons of cold water/year otherwise dumped down the drain.
oxen crossing, Mar 15 2004

       Umm... Never said I bathed in the sink, just sometimes you want hot water from the sink for one reason or another.   

       I did find a similar idea (see link) however, the whole point of the "Kitchen Sink Countdown" is the huge red button and the faint screams of terror, which would work equally well on a shower, sink, or toliet flush handle.   

       The temperature sensor just adds purpose.
thelambs, Mar 15 2004

       The speaker emitting screams of terror should be located within/below the toilet, keyed to a lifting of the lid. Marbled underwater screams of terror . . . beautiful. +
Mungo, Mar 15 2004

       As a side thought, shutting the lid and flushing the toilet would emit extra screams.
thelambs, Mar 16 2004


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