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Hybrid Power

Engine magnifies human effort and increases fuel efficiency
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Most people do not get the best mileage out of their cars because they do not necessarily realise how much fuel they are causing them to use when, for example, demanding perfectly constant speed when climbing a hill.

My proposal is to power a bike with a two-shaft gas turbine engine. The compressor side will be powered by the rider, and the turbine will drive the rear wheel. This should allow someone who can cruise at, say 20mph, to reach speeds close to 35mph.

I've done some searching, and it looks like the compressor usually takes around half the turbine's power, so the bike should double the power available from the rider in steady sate operation.

Just imagine being able to keep up with the traffic, having a workout and using very little fuel all at the same time!

Skrewloose, Oct 16 2010

Turbo_20Amplified_20Bike [goldbb, Oct 17 2010]


       I have a feeling the added weight of this contraption would pretty much offset its advantages, but a bun [+] for the idea, nevertheless. (I'm so easy.)
Boomershine, Oct 16 2010

       Sorry Skrewloose, but I've got to say [marked-for- deletion], cause your idea's redundant.   

       And no excuses for not having seen my idea, since you even made a comment on it! :)   

       Hey boomershine, does my (year old) idea get a bun, too?
goldbb, Oct 17 2010

       //Hey boomershine, does my (year old) idea get a bun, too?//   

       You bet. I'm on my way. Am I obligated to do a search before I bun? I don't mark nuthin' for deletion. Plenty of spurious MFDs around here already.   

       Besides, if it wasn't deleted, why would you care? [21Q] Marks almost everything for deletion. Most are still in the archives.
Boomershine, Oct 17 2010

       Apologies goldBB, I had not seen your post (recently). I promise I thought I came up with it myself!!   

       *insert sincere confused look whilst reprimanding brain for being idea-greedy*
Skrewloose, Oct 18 2010


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