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Hybrid Veggies

Veggies and Spices Together in a Hybrid!
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I've always wanted a garden, but often move from apartment to apartment, so there has never been any hope. I've finally bought a house (yay me!) and am going to have the most awesome garden.

I've been checking into hybrid plants for my ideal garden... seedless watermelons, peaches that grow on vines, ect.

My garden wishlist:

Potatoes with chives and garlic built in
Carrots sweetened with sugar beet genes
Green bean onions
Sweet Vanilla Coffee Beans

and EVERYTHING should have sections like an orange to save on chopping.

My garden will appreciate additions to this list!
Skyloo, Feb 23 2002


       I'll take some "vegetables that repel weeds".
runforrestrun, Feb 23 2002

       have we done killer tomatoes? it rings a bell rather
po, Feb 23 2002

       I have wondered in the past whever you could have naturally flavoured coffee beans by growing them hydroponically in a solution containing strong flavouring agents.
dare99, Feb 25 2002

       Try it.
angel, Feb 25 2002

       The food fed to animals can have an effect on the taste of their meat and milk, especially very strong flavours. So the same thing may well work with plants, assuming the chemicals can be absorbed.
pottedstu, Feb 25 2002

       This is ... probably underway. Does Monsanto check out halfbakery?
toomuchmike, Jan 30 2004


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