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GM Flour Power

GM crops are being rejected by many nations. This invention puts the rejected crop to use by powering space rockets
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Finely ground wheat and grain flour has the capability of being reasonably explosive. There many millions of tons of GM flour going to waste because many nations turn this product away at their borders. This invention proposes that conventional space rockets are retrofitted with flour-powered engines. Finely grinding the crop also has the effect of destroying the potential of getting unwanted modified DNA into the ecosystem, so organisations such as the European Space Agency will be willing to use this new fuel.

There are a few other handy advantages. For long space missions, the crew can also eat the fuel. Also the addition of flavorings such as vanilla will result in a lovely smell as the rocket takes off.

tonywells, Jun 18 2003

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       Flour is explosive when mixed with considerable quantities of air/oxygen, something that tends to happen as grain hoppers are emptied. Not much use on a space rocket, though.   

       If you want to be practical, instead of merely silly, you could suggest that the flour be used as a coal substitute in fluidized bed furnaces here on earth.
DrCurry, Jun 18 2003

       Damn! I thought this was about General Motors coming up with a car that ran on flour.
muzer, Nov 04 2003


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