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Grave Farm

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The trees in grave yards always look so big, and the grass is very green, obviously because of the human fertilizer, coupled with the efforts of the groundskeepers.

I propose that all corpses left to the government for burial be put in the fallow fields on a state run farm. Come next season, the remaining bones will be shattered and scattered by the tiller, spreading calcium and whatever else is in bones (Iron? Vitamin C?) through the field.

notmarkflynn, Feb 06 2006

Woodland burials http://www.nativewoodland.co.uk/index.php
Get buried in a woodland [oneoffdave, Feb 07 2006]


       'the remaining bones' ?   

       I think cemetery forests have been done elsewhere, in a much more thoughtful fashion.
neilp, Feb 06 2006

       "Mummy! There's an eyeball in my carrot!"
ConsulFlaminicus, Feb 07 2006

       It doesn't seem to matter what we plant, it all comes up daisies.   

       Not to self promote, but "Golfatory Cremetarian" was a better name.
blissmiss, Feb 07 2006

       person 1: hey you know they grow that stuff on a graveyard   

       person 2: bleurghh... dude why would you say that...   

       person 1: just thought you wanted to know what your eating...   

       person 2: i aint eating it anymore ok!   

       you can see my point i take it?
seraphim, Feb 20 2007

       Re link: "New planting, which matches and compliments the existing flora, is introduced to create copses"   

       Heh...already done, methinks.
normzone, Feb 20 2007


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