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Hybrid Water/Sleep-Number bed

Combine the best features of Water and Sleep Number beds
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Recipe to create a hybrid water bed for two. Construction: Start with two half-width soft sided water beds. Cut each water bladder open and insert an inflatable air bladder (a la the Sleep Number Bed) into each. Since air is such a good insulator, the air bladder must allow water to circulation around it - either with waffle like holes or with ridges and valleys. Seal up the water bladders and attach them together along one side. Application: Use the Sleep Number bed air pumps to inflate both air bladders to 100%. Then fill both sides of the dual water bed past the point of comfort. Now, use the Sleep Number Bed air pumps to reduce the air pressure to adjust your side of the water bed to your personal preferences. Comments: Since the heater is under the water bladder and you sleep on top of it, water warmed by the heater must be able to circulate around the air bladder to keep you warm, and the air bladder must not insulate the heater from the water. Note: I'd kill for such a bed (or at least pay a premium of a thousand bucks or so). If someone ever builds it, I'll probably buy one. Both my wife and I love our classic waveless soft-side, but we can never find the right pressure for both of us.
Carsteal, Apr 23 2007




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