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Water Bed Submarine

Mini radio controlled submarine for use in water beds
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Let's say you are a computer nerd or other aspergers case and don't have a girl friend. What can you do with your water bed, other than sleep? Answer, play with your submarine.

If somehow you actually did get a girlfriend she might enjoy playing with your submarine even more than you do.

Extracting the mini sub from the water bed would be difficult because of the tight fit in the filling tube. The mini submarine would have to be recharged electromagnetically through the membrane of the water bed. This would make the odious task of pushing it in and pulling it out over and over again unnecessary. Females however might take a different view of the desirability of this task.

geo8rge, Jul 10 2005


       I'd love to see a shark version where a fin protrudes unexpectedly in different places on the bed.+... Actually...
theircompetitor, Jul 10 2005

       I think I would keep one in the spare water bed. I can almost here my father in-law's panic filled bass "What the hell was that?!"

       Many females would love it too. +
sartep, Jul 12 2005

       Um. You can't actually see what's inside a waterbed, can you? Not getting the point.
DrCurry, Jul 12 2005

       Why not have a depressurisation chamber to steer the submarine into, you could then close it off from the rest of the bed and remove the submarine without losing all of the water. Although I'm not sure how you might retrieve the sub when it runs out of power.
fridge duck, Jul 13 2005

       Some water beds are made with clear plastic. Of course when you put sheets over the mattress...
sartep, Jul 13 2005

       Cartesian divers.
baconbrain, Jul 13 2005


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