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Hydrated Alcohol

Using Hydrated Alcohol as gas turbine fuel
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The Idea is placing an T62-32 Solar gas Turbine on an experimental aircraft (Those small turbines used on APUs, rated 95shp) but using Brazilian Hydrated Alcohol, for automotive use, as fuel on that turbine. Would like to share ideas, pros and cons for that use, and probably change in fuel consumption and power generated.
ALOHAJC, Jan 14 2005

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Pardon me. I don't know anything about aircraft engines, but this guy is hilarious. [tiromancer, Jan 16 2005]


       So that's the idea, then. Fill a regular old T62-32 with some garden variety Brazilian Hydrated Alcohol? Are you even *expecting* more than 95shp? I mean, come on, man, there's a reason the APUs carry the normal fuel.
contracts, Jan 14 2005

       Unfortunately the T62-32 requires higher viscosity fuel than BHA. The T64-64 would be better suited to APU use although you might have to modify the turbine to account for the altered shp vector around the front lobe.
wagster, Jan 14 2005

       I hadn't even considered the T64-64 -- that completely eliminates the viscosity concerns with BHA and provides the perfect platform for APU with an optimized shp.
contracts, Jan 14 2005

       If you can find an old set of C-18 or C-21 burners off an old dash-45 system, they'll more or less drop straight in and provide a marked power increase when running on hydrated alcohol. Otherwise you'll have problems with preignition.
david_scothern, Jan 15 2005

       That might be difficult to do, as well as dangerous. Last I heard, there was a recall on both the C-18 and C-21, due to an unfortunate tendency to backpressure and fuel leaks, resulting in some nasty fires.   

       All the dash-45 systems I've ever seen have been converted to a basic type D burner, but those things are so wasteful you'd probably be better off upgrading to a newer system.
normzone, Jan 16 2005

       Watch out though, the warp cores are very unstable in pre-2056 models.
wagster, Jan 16 2005

       [wagster], there's no such thing as a warp core. That's like a muffler bearing, or blinker fluid. The issue of obsolete and dangerous burners is a serious matter.   

       In many places outside the first world countries, units like the C-18 and C-21 are still in use, due to capitol constraints, but you wouldn't catch me running one.
normzone, Jan 16 2005

       What's the invention part again?
half, Jan 16 2005

       I thought the first half-dozen posts were fairly inventive, to be honest.
david_scothern, Jan 17 2005


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