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Hydraulic Car Mover

No need to pass aggressively anymore, simply lift and drive under!
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Supercharged bulldozers fronts will be modified with powerful lifts that can scoop under a car, lift the car up over you, transfer the car to a rear mechanical arm and safely plop it back down behind you.

Emergency mode: The rear lift no longer safely lowers the car behind it. Instead it works with the front lift/scoop to rapidly fling cars out of it's way as the car barrels down (it is an emergency, time is of the essence!) for higher speed car moving.

Version 2.0 Hyperdrive

Why not just push all the cars out of your way rather than lifting them? With a custom anti-gravity laser (or G-Laser) powered by multiple nano-nuclear batteries (millions of tiny highly radioactive nano batteries) you can physically just drive underneath the suspended cars in front of you. Once under and then in front of them plop them back down providing a seamless trafficless experience no matter what. Useful for avoiding pedestrians as the glaser will safely lower them back down.

Drawbacks: Probably won't be available until next century at least.

Duck Lagrange, May 14 2015

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       //With a custom anti-gravity laser// Oh dear. And it was all looking fairly promising...
MaxwellBuchanan, May 14 2015

       Not really, an APC with a dozer blade will accomplish the same thing, plus it seats 11.
FlyingToaster, May 14 2015

       I can't imagine the hydraulic pressure required to do this. Or how to contain it.
RayfordSteele, May 14 2015


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