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to send motorcyclists to safety, (or at least closer to heaven)
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A product / adjustment to a motocycle (or perhaps even bicycle): The saddle is placed on top of 2 curved grooves (one on each side) that are part of the cycle's body, and go from horizontal up to a 45 degree angle. The saddle rests on the bottom/horizontal part of the groove, and is attached by fasteners that are designed to break in the event of a quick decelleration.

In the event of a forward crash, the fasteners break, your saddle goes forward and then upwards a bit. Maybe just enough to clear the crash...

.... and maybe with enough hangtime to do a tuck & roll....

It's a very cheap automatic ejection seat, which uses your rapic decelleration to both trigger it and power it.

sophocles, Jun 10 2004


       There needs to be more to this rig:
1) A harness to keep the seat and rider together
2) A parachute that deploys based on altitiude
3) A radio locator
4) Emergency rations
And in the event of an emergency, the seat should be usable as a floatation device.
phoenix, Jun 10 2004

       Sure, but most of those add-ons (rations & radio) could be on the bike anyway. I don't think a parachute would be a needed complexity though. We're talking about adding some feature to help in some scenarios, but not guaranteeing life-safety.   

       Also, I think some folks may want to engage this feature recreationally....
sophocles, Dec 20 2004

       You might want to add suction cups for retrieving the rider's testicles from their abdominal cavity.
Belfry, Dec 20 2004


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