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Hyper-gas grenade

Make your enemies too hyper to strategize or follow battle plans
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Grenades, very similar to CS grenades, that spew a gaseous version of Speed and emphetamines to make your enemies feel hyper and invincible, causing them to foolishly bolt out of their foxholes and trenches without formulating a proper plan of attack.

Pop a grendade, ready your weapons, and let the slaughter begin...

(note: you may want to don a protective mask before deploying this weapon if you're down-wind of your enemies)

21 Quest, Dec 06 2006

Where is the Tear Gas http://www.geocitie...ereistheteargas.htm
Our troops cannot use tear gas any more. [bungston, Feb 22 2007]


       These would be popular in raves.
ldischler, Dec 06 2006

       I would think that empathetamines might make your enemies understand your point of view a little better.
bungston, Dec 06 2006

       uh? what? are you serious? (-)
Mr Buttersworth, Feb 03 2007

       Yeah, but they feel invincible though, plus everything is going in slow motion for them since they are so hyper.
quantum_flux, Feb 03 2007

       No... if they feel invincible they won't bother mounting a defense, which leaves them extremely vulnerable to your counter-attack.
21 Quest, Feb 03 2007

       It's like fighting an army of the undead, except that they are the fast ones, and now you're the slow ones.
quantum_flux, Feb 03 2007

       //It's like fighting an army of the undead//

       How do you figure? It doesn't make them invincible, it just makes them *think* are!
21 Quest, Feb 03 2007

       Thinking you are invulnerable is almost as good as being invulnerable in a stress situation. The Moros (insane crazy Filipino fighters in the early 20th century) charged at the US troops, and nothing could stop them, because they did not care about being shot.
Saruman, Feb 11 2007

       ah, [bungston], I fear that attempts at humor are falling on some fairly deaf ears around here of late. I even tried extreme facetiousness on another idea, and was taken seriously. Did sophistication get drunk and die over christmas?

       Once again wishing I could bun an anno...
Custardguts, Feb 11 2007

       I don't know what country your from, but here in the US, we don't use chemical weapons. And also, to hyperfy an entire army would take tons of grenades.
fett625, Feb 22 2007

       [fett], I was sure you were wrong, but you are right. CS tear gas and other nonlethal weapons are banned (recently) from military use, even though civilian law enforcement can use the stuff. Very strange.
bungston, Feb 22 2007


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