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Disgust rapists away with stench augmented pepper spray
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Ok, studies have shown that pepper spray is not universally effective and some recipients actually develop a resistance to self-defence products based on capscaicin. In addition, if the attacker is able to shield their eyes and nose, the majority of the pain is negated.

I propose adding extracted and concentrated skunk-funk to today's commonly available pepper sprays. Skunk funk is unbelievably powerful if received at close range, and is more frightening than pain to today's jaded, hardened criminal. If sprayed, the rapist would be surrounded by a miasma of stench that would remove any libidinous urges even if he managed to block his eyes and nose. In fact the only crime on his mind would be to find the nearest store and steal some canned tomato sauce (to wash off the offending odor). the perpetrator's need to purchase tomato sauce coupled with the UV dye commonly included in personal defence sprays would ensure speedy capture. You don't need a bloodhound to track this guy's scent, trust me.

For your wife's sake. For you daughter's sake. Skunk-a- Rapist.

Voltmeter, Sep 01 2004

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       Should probably come with a coupon for tomato paste in a can, because there's liable to be some splashback onto the potential victims.   

       Good idea, though.
shapu, Sep 01 2004

       Yeah, this skunk keeps living under our deck, and man does it reek, this would definitly work+
swimr, Sep 01 2004

       you should trap him and have his glands removed. I hear they make really great pets after that. Plus if you let them roam around inside you won't have a burgler problem and just imagine the fun when the door to door salesmen pay a visit!
Voltmeter, Sep 01 2004

       Mmmm.....skunk spray! I love the stuff!   

destructionism, Sep 01 2004

       im pretty sure this is baked or at least mostly baked   

       they have skunk ( and worse ) spray its not really available to the public ( the use it at riots)
crash893, Sep 02 2004

       This is fully baked already. See link.
spacemoggy, Sep 02 2004

       But there is a skunk oil spray, which seems to bake the main theme of this idea.
spacemoggy, Sep 02 2004

       "Mmmm..skunk oil, got any kingsize to go with that?"
skinflaps, Sep 02 2004

       Are you implying that I didn't read the idea? Shame on you Tabs. I did read it. The idea doesn't say anything about the benefits that would flow from *combining* pepper spray and skunk spray. It focuses exclusively on the benefits of skunk spray. Which is baked.
spacemoggy, Sep 02 2004

       I was going to vote for this at first, but I've decided to vote against it, for one obvious reason:   

       Pepper sprays are also commonly used to attack victims, perhaps as often or more often than they are used for defense.
Size_Mick, Sep 02 2004

       Call me crazy, but I like the smell of skunk once it's been diluted with fresh air. But I agree, the smell of fresh skunk-funk is overpowering and slightly nauseating. I think your idea may work, [Volt]. [+]
Machiavelli, Sep 02 2004

       EDS...hehehe term coined.
Voltmeter, Sep 02 2004

       "For your wife's sake. For you daughter's sake."
Because, after all, only heterosexual males read your fake ad? Ahrgh. I hate being marginalised before lunch.
jutta, Sep 02 2004

       I'd rather see undiluted sulfuric acid as a deterrent. That'll get their attention.
destructionism, Sep 02 2004

       // Just how bad does a skunk smell? //   

       You can smell one at a kilometer away, and even then, it's really really nasty. Imagine mixing the smell of rotten and putrifying flesh with a heavy chlorine smell, and that's about what it's like.
RayfordSteele, Sep 02 2004

       Nah, I'll take Skunk over rotting flesh any day. (Remember that "Mythbusters" episode, anyone?)
For some reason, Palo Alto, CA, as one approaches it, often announces itself with a slight whiff of Skunk.
jutta, Sep 02 2004


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