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Hyperactive Micromanagement Information Overload Word!!!

A little gag for Microsoft haters
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This little plugin would be good for a laugh - every word the user types will be marked up in some way by Word: wavy underlines in different colors, font changes, pop-up windows suggesting useless facts concerning the word (via background Google search), autocorrection to translate words into different languages. Extra bullet points constantly appear, there are like 5 Clippy's (Office Assistant paper clips) bugging you on every word you type; every time you press Enter the view changes to something Microsoft claims is more "readable"; clicking "bold" puts *asterisks* around the word instead of bolding it; customer satisfaction surveys pop up on the screen every 30 seconds.

But, close Word and reopen it and the behavior is back to normal, probably viewed as a blessing by [HalfPlus] and [nilstycho].

phundug, Sep 12 2007

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       v good. +
k_sra, Sep 12 2007

       <frees hands, spits out gag, looks around for idea>
pertinax, Sep 12 2007

       My customers would love it.
Galbinus_Caeli, Sep 12 2007


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