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Hyperlinked Books

Getting the extra info fast
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I love the feel and aesthetic of a good book, but I enjoy the convenience of hyper text available on the web. I would like to see a publishing standard for a hypertext book. This book would have all Footnotes, Appendices, Bibliography, and any other interesting, but extra information linked by paper tabs to the “*” on the page. If for example, you are reading the history of San Francisco, you may want to read… follow finger from “*” to tab, open to page with tab… “The Struggle of Sour Dough”. Wow, that was fast, and there was no little print messing up the page, and no looking in the back for the reference. By the way, no spell check suggestion for asterisk in Microsoft Word, oh, never mind, there it is… I just love these little gadgets! Please let me know what you think...CS
chrissayre, Mar 20 2004




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