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A camera contact lens
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This product consists of two parts. The I-Camera contact lens and the wrist USB. The I-Camera is the actual camera and is placed on the eye, much like a contact lens. Because it would not fit the eye comfortable if it had to store the pictures all of them are transfered wirelessly to the wrist USB. The wrist USB is just like a thumb drive. Not only does it hold photos though, but is where the camera settings can be accessed. All the usual ones such as black/white, night are located there. But one of the most important settings is the number of photos taken. It could be after every blink, or every hour. Then, at the end of the day, after transfering the pictures to the computer, you would have a visual timeline of your adventures. They would then be able to be edited, emailed or printed. No more clunky cameras, its the start of the I-Camera revolution!
moojuice200, Dec 06 2005


       Hasn't this been posted before? How do you make a camera from transparent/translucent materials, and still alow the wearer to see?
Then there is the small matter of a power source. Maybe induction, with the transmitter coils built into the rims of a pair of spectacles.
coprocephalous, Dec 06 2005


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