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Mosh Pitball

Bonce, bounce snap!
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Not link 1, re-engineer link 2

With the trend of volleying a large colourful beachball about the mosh pits and general audiences at large live gigs(Foofighters comes to mind) to what purpose is this?

Organisers of such tours should launch via a circus cannon a large bright beachball from the stage at the beginning of each song into the crowd.

These beachballs are a little different.

They contain roughly eight small disposable cameras inbuilt within the ball with each of the camera lenses facing outwards around the colourful skin.

The balls are set with an inbuilt timer that keeps the balls gonflable for the duration of each song.Every ten seconds or so the balls cameras would take flash photographs from various angles as the mosh pitballs are hurled about within the air.(c'mon, people take photos all the time at gigs)

After a set time and all the films have been used up, the internal timer would deflate the ball and end up within someone's possession-the deflated ball is now yours to keep with the developing of the films courtesy of the organisers.

Repeat into the next song, fire cannon and see who the lucky owner will be by the end of the song.

Return home and explain that "honestly dear I have no idea who these people are"

skinflaps, Apr 12 2005

Not this http://www.alternat...bull.tif%20copy.jpg
[skinflaps, Apr 12 2005]

Re-engineer this. http://www.itisz.co...able/beachballs.JPG
[skinflaps, Apr 12 2005]


       True, people could just hang onto it ,doubt it though.To gain the best multi aerial photos the ball would have to be thrown around in the air.(Maybe have several flying around-one problem might be you'll end up with pictures of "ahem" other peoples balls)
skinflaps, Apr 12 2005

       diggit. moshers might not keep 'em afloat, but hippies would.
yabba do yabba dabba, Apr 12 2005

       I think that the whole //ending up in someones possesion// thing might cause a problem or three.   

       [yabba] maybe the hippies could keep it aloft with their {{{{eyes}}}}
skinflaps, Apr 14 2005


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