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Include a tiny hot wire anemometer on mobile devices and let new applications grow around.
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First app request: turn the page on an ebook blowing over the eReader.
piluso, Aug 12 2013


       + Also useful as a wind speed measuring tool for sailors.
csea, Aug 12 2013

       For low precision like your proposed app, there is already an app that uses wind noise on the microphone to estimate the wind speed. Just google cell phone anemometer. They say it's good enough for low precision stuff like kite surfing.
scad mientist, Aug 12 2013

       //cell phone anemometer// Very interesting, I'll try it soon
piluso, Aug 13 2013

       If you need greater precision than the turbulence- roar, you could use one of those tiny turbine- whistles and have your cell phone listen to that. The frequency should relate to speed fairly well.
lurch, Aug 13 2013

       is this a blow job?
po, Aug 13 2013


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