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iPing Pong or iWii

Combine an iPad, and an iPhone to make a Wii game
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This is probably being baked as we speak, but with the addition of the gyro and the cameras in the new iPhone and the easy linkage between the iPad and the iPhone they have created a hyper-expensive Wiimote. Add in the iPad and you could create a good Wii-like interface. Then to play a game like Ping Pong you would: 1. prop up the iPad to do all the display tasks 2. hold the iPhone so that the cameras are not covered 3. The iPhone could get initial angle and distance from the iPad using the cameras 4. The rest of the play could be controlled using the gyros and inertial systems in the iPhone.

Just remember to wear your wrist strap as you will now be flinging around >$1000 worth of tech.

MisterQED, Jun 15 2010


       So, you hold the ipad, and bat the iphone across the table with it? Or do you lay the ipad on the table, and try and bounce the iphone off it to your opponent? This is not quite clear to me yet.
pocmloc, Jun 15 2010

       I think it's the latter.
daseva, Jun 15 2010


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