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ICE tattoo

In Case of Emergency
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In London, following 7/7 the MET came up with a new method of contacting 'next of kins' via your mobile. The idea was that you saved a contact in your phone as ICE (In Case of Imergency) whereby if there was some sort of emergency they would look through your phonebook and call the person under the name of ICE> This is a bit dark, as I saved my mum as my ICE, so everytime she would call it would show up as ICE....i got darked out.

anyhow you can probably see where I'm going with this...

A few days ago a good friend of mine's sister was in a rather bad car accident, and her family didn't find out for 2 days. And they didnt find out via next of kin contact, but rather when she came to, she called and told them of this...needless to say shes in recovery - thank god

I think people should have microscopic tatoos on some part of their bodies with the contact details of their next of kin, or ICE. This way they would have to consiously decide who to use as their contact so much so that they have it tattood on their being.

As its microscopic, much like how testtube babies have a tity 'T' tattood to their backs, which would barely be visible by naked eye, but could prove to be extremely beneficial for the person and their next of kins, and perhaps in rare cases be the differenct beween life and death.

This is far more effective as the traditional methods around today.

note - This is not fashion per se, but rather a mans to a more secured standard of safety. besides, I couldn't find a more suitable category really.

shinobi, Dec 13 2005

ICE tattoo http://bp0.blogger....s1600-h/1zpp18n.jpg
!!! [jaksplat, Feb 22 2007]


       Oh, THAT explains why I have a titty tattooed on my back...
normzone, Dec 14 2005

       Dont follow man
shinobi, Dec 14 2005

       //testtube babies have a tity 'T' tattood to their backs// Misinformation or myth.   

       It would be ironic if true, since most egg and sperm donor programs for in vitro fertilisation stipulate that the donor should ideally be tattoo and piercing free to be accepted into the program.   

       And if you got caught by a skinning psychopath, who they gonna call?
ConsulFlaminicus, Dec 14 2005

       not too *up* on phone technology but cannot you store your mum as "mum" and also have her as ICE in your phonebook? it would seem to solve your problem.
po, Dec 14 2005

       Poor test-tube babies, I had no idea we were marking them with titties now.   

       In an unusually paranoid train of thought one day, I did ponder a toe tattoo with my name and SSN. But all things considered, DNA is probably more reliable, just link this data with your ICE call number, or SSN and keep your credit report up to date.   

       <update: what about those id chip implants they have for pets? this way the data could be updated and read digitally. >
Zuzu, Dec 14 2005

       What if everyone just had their fingerprints on a file, not unlike the ones used by law enforcement. All the necessary information would then be stored accordingly on each person's record.
MikeOxbig, Dec 15 2005

       Microscopic tattoo? The ink in barcode tatoos bleed enough to render them unreadable (learned that here at the HB), so microscopic tatoos don't stand much of a chance, methinks.
Shz, Dec 15 2005

       //The ink in barcode tatoos bleed enough to render them unreadable (learned that here at the HB), //   

       So many useful things are learnt here at the HB. Recently, I've had a few conversations where I wanted to reference an explanation and realized I got the info from HB annos, links or -- just as often - random things found whilst trying to debunk.   

       Anyway, stickin' with my human/pet chip modification and a holding a sustained neutral (for now).
Zuzu, Dec 15 2005

       Why not just issue everyone dog tags? Its cheaper and much more 'less permanent' than a tattoo for those of us vagabonds out there.   

       No thanks. What happens if my ICE contact is no longer capable of serving in that regard? Do I have to have the tattoo removed and another one inked in?
Noexit, Feb 22 2007


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