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IC Pinout Compatibility Wiki/Search

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Hmmm... when designing various printed circuit board. It would be nice if I could at least search for parts, with the same pinouts.

As for why I thought about this? Well I noticed that quite a lot of LDO linear regulators ( SOT353 package) have similar pinout (so you could pretty much swap em up, and be good as gold {after checking specs of course})

Still, most searches don't really tell you what parts have same pinouts...

So what would be great, is if we can have a wiki where you can look up on common parts, and design your circuit around pinouts that is easy to source. ( Again with the addium, that you shouldn't limit yourself to easy to find parts).

mofosyne, Dec 25 2014


       This would be useful for reverse engineering things where they've ground off the part numbers. [+]
notexactly, Nov 11 2018

       [+] but you'd need to somehow agree on standardized names for pinouts (eg "input"/ "in"/"signal"/"control" and "Vss"/"V+" etc)
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 11 2018

       Or use some kind of fuzzy or thesaurus-based matching…   

       But sometimes you don't even know if a pin is an input or an output, and all you've got is what components it's connected to. For certain chips, that's helpful, but the search engine would need some way to understand that stuff. With microcontrollers, it would be especially difficult, because the GPIO pins can be inputs, outputs, or even both depending on the application. I guess the search engine would just have to ignore those if the chip is suspected to be a microcontroller that has a GPIO pin in that location.
notexactly, Nov 12 2018


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