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origami dough

bake your own design.
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if your artistry is not up to scratch and your idea/invention cries out for an illustration, to properly demonstrate the intricacy of your design; fear not! with our new line of origami dough pieces, you can put together any convoluted structure that your little heart desires.

origami dough comes in all shapes and sizes, a little bit like edible lego, complete with accessories like pastry nuts, bolts, wheels…

the basic shapes are circles, rectangles, squares and plain old strips that you can wrap around each other and mould as you wish.

decorate with raisins or currants for that extra flourish and brush with milk or egg yolk for a glossy finish.

when your prototype is complete just bake in a hot oven for 20 minutes per pound of raw dough.

n.b. hot fresh bread can burn.

po, Sep 09 2006

edible origami http://www.slashfoo...ble-origami-how-to/
[po, Sep 12 2006]

Adult Origami http://www.nickrobi...oks/adult/index.htm
For [MaxwellBuchanan] [imaginality, Jun 07 2007]


       But... if we did that, then our idea would be baked!
ye_river_xiv, Sep 09 2006

       Just what I need for my steam train strudel!
jutta, Sep 09 2006

       Isn't there something like this on the market already?
DrCurry, Sep 12 2006

       Does anyone else have this subliminal thing whereby "origami" appears as "orgasm"? Or should I see a professional?
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 06 2007

       True origami dough would come in many sizes but only one shape - square.
nuclear hobo, Jun 07 2007

       //Does anyone else have this subliminal thing whereby "origami" appears as "orgasm"?//   

       Maybe that's what inspired origami artists like the one in the link?   

       I was given that 'Adult Origami' book as a present last year, and there are certainly some interesting designs in it - it's fun to try and not too tricky to get it right, it just takes a bit of practice and a certain amount of fumbling, so to speak.
imaginality, Jun 07 2007


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