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Lets 'em know when you're off
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OK, so you're happily tapping away at the keyboard, sending an ICQ (or AIM or MSN) message to your buddy, and you click "Send". Half an hour later... NOTHING HAPPENS. Why? Because your friend has gone away from their computer... probably ages ago, long before you even typed the message, AND they forgot to change their status to "Away" or "Not Available" and just left it as "Online". Annoying, right? Well, here's the solution: Enter the IM-CUSHION. Positioned on your seat (and also hopefully on the seats of all your ICQ/AIM/whatever buddies, it automatically senses when you're NOT there and sets your status automatically (perhaps it is connected to your PC by means of a USB cable). Simple. No more waiting and wondering why they aren't responding.
graham2, Dec 29 2003


       "No more waiting and wondering why they aren't responding."
Unless they get up and the cat sits down.
phoenix, Dec 29 2003

       AIM and MSN Messenger will update a user's status as 'inactive' if they happen to abandon their computer and leave the service running ...
Letsbuildafort, Dec 29 2003


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