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Minority Rapport

combination of webcam + projector = fun
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Apologies to the Gestulative Mouse idea for which this was insipiration, but I wonder whether the technology's now clever enough to have a minority report kind of interface where your screen is projected onto a wall, and you're viewed with a webcam facing the wall. This bit of software interprets the angles (and therefore what you're pointing at on screen) and hey presto you can move stuff around.

P.S. a bit like the eyetoy, if you've seen one of those.

neilp, May 09 2005

MIT http://www.newscien...rticle.ns?id=dn7271
how the MIT are doing it [neilp, May 09 2005]

Gesticulative Mouse gesticulative_20mouse
sort of there. [neilp, May 09 2005]

eyetoy http://www.eyetoy.com/english/
if I had a playstation, I'd buy one. [neilp, May 09 2005]

Minority Rapoport... http://www.ted.com/...nse_technology.html
...I'm joking he's hindu... [4whom, May 03 2011]


       ... And if you don't have a playstation, buy and eyetoy anyway and give it to me. Yes, I have a playstation 2, and a playstation 1 and a Gamecube. There is also my brothers sega megadrive somewhere...
froglet, May 09 2005

       Come on neil, isn't this too much of a WTCTTISITMWIBNIIWR?
Acme, May 09 2005

       it's a bit like that, [Acme], only I've proposed a cheap method (desktop webcam, software) to achieve the same. All other methods use black gloves and reflective dots, which sort of does away with the spontanaeity for me.
neilp, May 09 2005

       OK then.
Acme, May 10 2005

       I don't think it's a WTCTTISITMWIBNIIWR as he is not idly wishing such a thing were real, rather he is proposing how to make it real.
bristolz, May 10 2005

       Yes, that was me.
njivy, May 10 2005

       [Pa've] you need to read the help file :)
neilp, May 10 2005

       has this been done with Kinect yet?
neilp, Apr 29 2011

       the future came 6 years later.   

       Also lettuce remember that using any interface that requires you to wave your hands about like a mad conductor is quite tiring. Imagine having to do this at work for 8+ hours.
metarinka, May 01 2011

       not quite Konnect but it has been done elsewhere, see link to sixthsense by Pranav Mistry, but still prescient enough for a belated bun.
4whom, May 03 2011


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