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It'll Make A Turd (Generic Processed Substitute Food Product)
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Tired of BK and McD's? Need to eat and you don't have any preference as to what it is? Pressed for time and your staff can't agree on a lunch location? Have no fear, IMAT is here!

This box of food comes out of the vending machine microwave-ready for your enjoyment... (Well, let's not get carried away) your reluctant acceptance. With it's "Hint-o-Tofu" seasoning packet, we're sure you'll agree that it is, while flavorless, at least not offensive.

It'll stop hunger pangs.

It'll save time.

It'll Make A Turd. IMAT(Generic Processed Substitute Food Product)

triggerhippie, Mar 27 2002

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       I'm VERY afraid of what might happen if I order "super sized".
spartanica, Mar 27 2002

       And the combo meal is called Pu Pu Platter?
nick_n_uit, Mar 27 2002

       Should be available in flat and sharp because, although I may be hurried, there is no excuse to be too busy for a little ‘musical chairs’.
reensure, Mar 27 2002

       Soylent Brown.
calum, Mar 30 2002

       Sorry, Baked. Power Bars, Various protein bars. I actually do this, rather than leaving the cave that is my dorm room to eat, I stuff myself with a power bar or two. Sure, it tastes like A Turd, but it's quick and effective.
Slicer, Mar 30 2002


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