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Gender Specific Adult Happy Meals

Why should kids get all the fun promotional stuff?
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Disclaimer: by "adult" I don't mean pornographic. Sorry.

These adult-sized Happy Meals come with gender specific promos: the men's Happy Meal would have a tiny vial of the newest designer cologne, sample size after shave, tiny bar of soap, razor, etc. The women's Happy Meal would have sample size mascara, tiny bar of soap, tiny vial of the newest designer perfume, new kind of tampon/sanitary napkin, etc. These products aren't all in one Adult Happy Meal--each time you order one you get a different promotional "gift."

Machiavelli, Mar 15 2005

Go Active Adult Happy Meal http://www.uniquere...tive-stepometer.htm
Released after the Supersize Me documentary came out. Not gender-specific. [Worldgineer, Mar 15 2005]


       I'd be rather slow to buy food from a place that gives away razors, soap, and tampons. Ew
finrod, Mar 15 2005

       Trade Show-me Meals.
reensure, Mar 15 2005

       I don't know. I like the overall premise but I don't like the examples. Cologne and soap and razors don't do the trick for me. Toys that appeal to me would be things like MP3 players or digital cameras which would be prohibitively expensive. ?? Maybe downloadable songs or something?
contracts, Mar 15 2005

       Yeah, [contracts], I'd like to see a Happy Meal with a digital camera in it too, but I thought, "Too expensive." But sure, downloadable songs is a good idea. Or perhaps a disc of some sort of computer program with free hours (like the AOL CDs I keep getting in the mail with 500 hours free) or something like that. Yeah.
Machiavelli, Mar 15 2005

       Not AOL! Perhaps something more 'middle of the road' family-acceptable, adult-enjoyable, near-universally loved "Shrek's Greatest One Liners" miniDVD type things. KERPLUS[+] Maybe a "Naughty Monkeys Shopping for Shoes With Naked Women" collectable figurine set?   

       I would venture to guess that making it Gender-Specific is what complicates it. There's not much "guyish" stuff that I particularly want. Other than women, that is. :-)
contracts, Mar 15 2005

       nothing can compare to my walking Buzz Lightyear.
po, Mar 15 2005

       So, is it the buzz that makes you happy, [po]?
bristolz, Mar 15 2005

       must be, bris :)
po, Mar 15 2005

       //I would venture to guess that making it Gender-Specific is what complicates it. There's not much "guyish" stuff that I particularly want. Other than women, that is. :-)//   

       My sediments exactly. Our college book store gives out razors for the first few weeks of each class. The first time it happened, I thought the girl at the couter was telling me I need to shave, and I made a bit of a scene.
ye_river_xiv, Oct 14 2006

       I'm not eating anything that is packaged with a tampon lol. Besides that, who needs more disposable junk?   

       I would buy your happy meal if it came with a coupon saying that I was sponsoring an endangered sea turtle or a manatee etc. etc. I also wouldn't mind some kitchen gadgets like a better corkscrew, or a small orange juice press. Tea cosy's are really hard to find these days as well. I bet those would be a draw. :) (+)
ionsfromzion, Oct 14 2006

       There still wouldn't be enough fries.   

       I suspect that for some people there will never be enough fries, my poor potato challenged friend.
NotTheSharpestSpoon, Oct 14 2006

       There are things an adult would want that cost little to manufacture, but they still cost many times those plastic and cardboard toys that make kids happy. The meal price will nearly double. My ideas: One cigarette. A small scented candle. Single serving whisky. Tea bag with folded paper cup. Car scent. Pack of sewing needles. Multivitamin pill. Analgesic. Two AA batteries. Cheap sunglasses. Stress toy.
Voice, Apr 23 2022

       [Voice]; cigarette, whisky: no, on principle. Multivitamin: just have the food be better & that won't be needed. The rest: yes!
neutrinos_shadow, Apr 25 2022


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