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I can't believe it's not meat!

Like McDonald's but honest
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There should be a vegan fast food restaurant. It would be just like McDonald's except they'd let you know that there's no meat in your burger.
Meat free is usually lower fat too... Almost like Diet King.
And the shakes would be dairy-free. Just like McDonalds.
And the "egg" in the breakfast items would come from a carton. Just like McDonalds.
Forget it; it's baked already.
juan2003, Jun 27 2001

Diet King http://www.halfbake...om/idea/Diet_20King
A different idea? [juan2003, Jun 27 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]

try their "nature burger"... http://www.lickshomeburgers.com/
..._the_ best veg burger (in canada, anyway). [mihali, Jun 27 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]

Fantastic Foods http://www.fantasticfoods.com
Info here. meat is bad [juan2003, Jun 27 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]

Why McDonald's Fries Taste So Good http://www.rense.com/general7/whyy.htm
A little perspective on the "beef" flavoring McDonalds uses.  An excellent article on the food flavorings industry, excerpted from the book "Fast Food Nation." [bristolz, Mar 27 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       I like the idea... besides for the burger king adverts(40% more meat than a big mac or some such) to be true then I predict that a big mac contains 0.001g of meat...
RobertKidney, Jun 27 2001

       //If you don't want to eat meat, then why do you want to eat things made to simulate meat?//   

       Because of the taste? There are plenty of reasons for being vegetarian other than not liking the physical sensation of eating meat.
Lemon, Jun 27 2001

       I'm pretty sure that there is a law about calling things that aren't beef hamburgers, so the meat patties in the US are probably at least 75% beef. But they are dreadfully small. I just couldn't resist trashing McDonalds, but seriously very few fast food chains cater to vegetarians. And i don't know if I'd trust Mickey D's to cook my soy burger because they might fry it on the beef grill. And they put beef flavor in the fries anyway.
juan2003, Jun 27 2001

       Because meat = murder, duh! 1 billion served means countless cattle carcasses. A fast food chain that serves only vegan food doesn't contribute to animal slaughter. And it's the only place that serves a kosher bacon cheeseburger!
juan2003, Jun 27 2001

       Would the fries be vegetarian? (cf. recent admission by McDonald's that their fries are not vegetarian despite them saying that they were, about 10 years ago)
hippo, Jun 27 2001

       [waugsqueke] They said the same thing to justify slavery. If you visit your local abattoir and see exactly what they do, you'll think twice about eating meat.
[hippo] No the fries are not vegetarian, they contain beef extract
juan2003, Jun 27 2001

       Grubbs Organic Burgers in Brighton (UK) is the place to go. All burgers come in meat or vege versions (not sure about Vegan though. I'll check it out next time I'm in there). Excellent fries (cooked in vegetable oil) that actually taste of potatoes.

On waugsqueke's point about simulated meat. I became a veggie in the first instance because of the vast amount of chemicals that were being introduced into my diet against my will and because millions of tons of perfectly edible cereals are produced and then fed to cattle whilst a large proportion of the world's population go hungry. I'm not actually against eating meat per se, just against the meat industry. (having said that I find that the prospect of eating anything 'meaty' becomes more stomach turning as the years go by - a case of self-programming, I think).
DrBob, Jun 27 2001

       waugsqueke, if you happen to have become a vegetarian for reasons of practical ethics, say, then there's a difference between eating a hamburger and a soy burger which shouldn't be hard to spot. If a strange aversion to burger-shapes was the usual reason, you'd have a point.   

       I do want you on my side, though, when my proposal to raise babies for vivisection comes up before the ethics board.
Monkfish, Jun 27 2001

       Hey you guys, fish are animals too! Gimme some bread over here!
juan2003, Jun 27 2001

       I don't know about you, Mr. Queke, but I'm not carnivorous. And I don't know anyone who is. And I'm only omnivorous due to the overwhelming availability (and yumminess) of prepared cow flesh. Otherwise I like most of my primate friends would be herbivorous. These teeth I got set up with don't seem to tear through raw emu flesh quite as well as my lion pal's do.
globaltourniquet, Jun 27 2001

       Meat may have a "yummy taste" but it is high in saturated fat, cholesterol, and cruelty. Vegetarian meat is lower in fat and cholesterol (cholesterol free for vegan), provides fiber and anti-cancerous phytochemicals. No animals were slaughtered and it doesn't support the eco-unfriendly meat industry. And it tastes very much like meat too. I've provided a link to the Fantastic Foods website.
juan2003, Jun 27 2001

       Why is everyone ripping on my favorite fast food joint and place of employment all of a sudden? As Homer so aptly puts it "Look, do you want it done fast, or do you want it done right?"
nick_n_uit, Jun 27 2001

       My religion is juan-ism. I am the perfect, inerrant word of myself. Everything I say is right even when I contradict myself or reality. Every thing I write is perfect and free from spelleng, and grammar nor logical error. All who oppose my divine will won't have to wait until death to experience my wrath. All I ask for is shrine and lots of virgin sacrifices.
Anyway, I don't declare that the taste of meat is wrong. The consumption of meat is wrong. Meatless burgers are my way of letting you have your cow and eat him too. Don't think of it as simulated cow carcass; think of it as a tasty, high-protein, food that I gave to express my love for everyone. ("For Juan so loved the world and all of its living creatures, He gave his Secret Recipe for Beef so that cows may not perish without depriving the people from everlasting beef" Juan 3:16) Isn't that much better than turning water to wine?
juan2003, Jun 28 2001

       Makes you wonder how he got the taste for meat. And where his vitamin B12 comes from.
angel, Jun 28 2001

       Waugsqueke - this vegetarian does not want to eat stuff 'like' meat. Happy now?
redpony, Jun 28 2001

       Waugsqueke, I don't understand them either. Maybe it is a conspiracy by militant veggies against omnivores who state their reason for eating meat is "it tastes good". Make non meat meals taste like meat and the argument is won.
redpony, Jun 28 2001

       Non-meat meals that [claim to] taste like meat have so far never tasted anything close to good. The day a thick, delicious, succulent, juicy steak is effectively synthesized is the day monkeys will fly out of my asshole.
globaltourniquet, Jun 28 2001

       gt, I hope those monkeys are small it sounds like it would hurt really bad.
Meat-free meat reduces the effort of being a vegetarian to zero. If you could save a person's life, you'd do it right? Why not a cow? Don't eat beef; cows are people too!
And if you gave me a fillet I'd be angry, but if you told me it was soy, I'd shut up.
juan2003, Jun 28 2001

       Just for the record: McDonald's now offers a "Veggie Burger" in selected markets (like New York City). Haven't tried it.
snarfyguy, Jun 28 2001

       baked: I once saw a product called "Not Bacon", it wasnt Bacon.
sdm, Aug 12 2001

       [DrBob] Isn't it Gobs (Grubbs' sister outlet) who do the organic burgers?   

       Sorry, that was unnecessarily pedantic. But look, I'm still going to hit the OK button to submit it. No self control, that's me.
-alx, Aug 12 2001

       Holy Cow! Is 2003 when juan is supposed to be resurrected? Let the vegans avoid meat. Helps keep prices down for consumers and more Prime Cuts (albeit recommended daily <key word>allowance</key word> small portions, not gargantuan slabs) of former grazing animals for me and you and you and you...
thumbwax, Mar 27 2002

       I eat meat to save the animals, most of domestic animal will extinct without human care. I think being extinct is a bit worst than being enslave. Plus there are no more place on earth where millions cattles can run wild.
bing, Mar 27 2002

       Help control the pet population. Have a cat-burger today!
RayfordSteele, Mar 27 2002

       [rather belated reply] yes alx, but I think you'll find that G.O.B.s is an acronym (have you tried them yet, by the way?).

bing,...oh never mind, it's not worth the effort.
DrBob, Mar 27 2002

       Are vegans allowed insect parts? It wont be like _real_ macdonalds without them. How would you get that authentic 'blasted from the bones with a high pressure water hose' texture with soy?
chud, Mar 27 2002

       Veganism is the best thing that can happen to any-one. You are cool Juan. You get my cassein-free soy cheese croissant.
Vegan_Girl, Oct 05 2005

       can i be cool too?
schmendrick, Oct 05 2005

       [Vegan_girl] if you actually believe a modification of diet is the best thing that can happen to anyone, you have my pity. Would you actually consider this better than someone giving you a hovercraft, for example?

As to this stuff about veganism being guilt free, if you are consuming any commercially produced arable crops or processed forms thereof, then you are directly supporting an industry that slaughters millions of field animals in a very messy way every year. If you're really looking to avoid killing things in your name, you're going to have to start growing all your own food.
DocBrown, Oct 06 2005

       Depends on what kind of hovercraft I suppose. I might be hard pushed to find a use for one of those ones that are used in swamps, due to a lack of swamp and the fact that it just looks awkward. But if we're talking about the kind of hovercraft that goes up into the sky, and that we would probably MFD in about a minute, then it would be a resounding yes, it does sound more fun than not eating animals.
hidden truths, Oct 06 2005

       //Veganism is the best thing that can happen to any-one.//
The best thing that could happen to me is suddenly becoming healthily immortal, closely followed by winning £700 million. I am a cheerful and enthusiastic meat-eater, and totally guilt-free. Thank you.
angel, Oct 06 2005

       Oh my, [angel], I thought that said "healthily immoral".   

       "What a coincidence!" I was about to expectorate, until I noticed my foolish error.
pooduck, Oct 06 2005

       //I thought that said "healthily immoral".//
That as well.
angel, Oct 06 2005

       //Veganism is the best thing that can happen to any-one.//

I can think of a number of better things that can happen to most politicians.

//I am a cheerful and enthusiastic meat-eater, and totally guilt-free.//

Well that's a bit unfair. I guess the guilty animals don't taste as nice as the innocent ones.
DrBob, Oct 06 2005

       [hidden] The hovercraft that 'goes up into the sky' is possibly a helicopter / aeroplane / hot air balloon / jetpack - ie, not a hovercraft.
fridge duck, Oct 06 2005

       To reference a bad movie, you could see hover craft as something such as the crafts out of the film "The Island". To be a little more pulp-fictiony, it would be quite cool to have the kind of hover cars that everyone has been saying we'll have in 20 years for the last 50 years. (I think the Futurama cars are similar)
hidden truths, Oct 07 2005

       This is raising up a long gone subject but McDonalds fries are now vegetarian, at least in the UK. Ever since they were sued by a large Hindu organisation for cooking them in beef tallow but giving the impression they were vegetarian. Now they are cooked in vegetable oil and are meat-free.
Germanicus, Oct 07 2005


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