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IRC protocol update

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It's been a while since IRC has been updated protocol wise.

Since then, shouldn't we support a wider common feature set?


* Display the last few lines of chats from latest users.

* Multi threaded replies?

* Encryption

* CommonMark or Markdown support?

* etc...?

IRC hasn't really changed since the 80s, maybe things should change a bit more?

Perhaps it could be more like google wave?

mofosyne, Sep 07 2014


       What is google wave?
pocmloc, Sep 07 2014

       All that stuff is available in client or channelbot software, and has been for decades (or, at least was, decades ago). Why would you change the protocol ?   

       • needs a channelbot, obviously
• not sure what you mean but, IIRC, that's pretty basic
• baked
• baked

       no clue what google wave is.   

       You just discover IRC ?
FlyingToaster, Sep 07 2014

       Maybe something like the Mexico wave?
not_morrison_rm, Sep 07 2014


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