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keep-modem-off-hook option

If connection is lost, modem goes off-hook and sits there
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Under Windows XP, the default behavior when a modem connection is lost is to automatically redial it. If I'm leaving the computer unattended, this results in extra, useless, phone calls; I'd rather have the computer wait for me to come home.

On the other hand, when I'm away from home I like to have the line off-hook, so that calls will forward more quickly to my mobile phone.

One possible course of action would be to always hang up the modem and take another phone off-hook before leaving. This works, but it means that I always have to redial (and spend the cost of another phone call) every time I go out, whether or not my modem would have managed to keep the connection going.

What I'd like would be a way to set the computer so that if the connection is lost the modem goes off-hook and perfectly happily stays that way until further notice (just have the computer send it an ATH1).

Sound feasible?

supercat, Apr 15 2003

Changing Auto-Redial in Windows XP http://www.annoyanc.../show/article04-001
Very feasible. [Cedar Park, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       Baked. [link]
Cedar Park, Apr 15 2003

       [Cedar Park]: If auto-redial is turned off, the modem will stay ON-HOOK if the call disconnects; I'm seeking to have the modem go and stay OFF-HOOK. If I'm home, and not on the computer, I like having my landline phone ring. But if I'm not home, it's nicer having calls go immediately to my mobile without the 20-second delay added by having the landline phone ring first.
supercat, Apr 15 2003

       This doesn't make sense. The dial-up initialization string shouldn't set your phone to answer incoming calls. Sounds like your fax sofware is taking over.   

       There are two things you seem to be asking for here.
1. Don't redial if the line is lost. (see link for fix)
2. Don't answer incoming calls.

       Detecting a dropped connection is quite tricky, since many fax machines drop the line without so much as a 'see ya' when they have finished.   

       BTW, the Hayes 'hang up' code is ATH0. The auto-answer off function is AT&A1
Cedar Park, Apr 15 2003

       I guess I'm being unclear. If the phone is on-hook, an incoming call will ring the phone three times before forwarding to the mobile (after about 20 seconds). If the phone is off-hook, forwarding to the mobile is immediate.   

       Sending the modem an ATH1 will cause it to go off-hook and remain so until either an ATH0 command is given or an attempt is made to dial.   

       Maybe my goal is too specialized to be worth implementing as an OS "checkbox" feature, but it shouldn't be that hard to have a utility to do that.
supercat, Apr 15 2003

       So you want you computer to take your phone off the hook full time?   

       If you want all your calls to be forwarded to your mobile phone, why not just give everyone your cell number?
Cedar Park, Apr 17 2003


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