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I Froze My Buns Off

Croissant Preservation Strategy
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I sit, here, hitting refresh after refresh and suddenly: there it is, an idea has just been ++ and a precious croissant has appeared.

Give me the option to freeze voting when a new positive threshold has been achieved -- keep annotations coming, but let my idea stay in it's current state, invulnerable to attacks by newcomers whose ideas I've just thoroughly debunked.

Make sure that this state is visible, with proper disclaimer -- "theircompetitor has chosen to freeze his buns at this time" and of course, let me unfreeze voting at a later, potentially more favorable stage.

theircompetitor, Feb 25 2004


       'pears that it's not working presently.
half, Feb 25 2004

       harsh. Clicking on half's profile, heh, heh, heh   

       btw, I said after a bun is reached -- not at any arbitrary point.
theircompetitor, Feb 25 2004

       Aw, c'mon. You had to be expecting loads of fishes. I'm nothing if not accommodating. :)   

       What's so funny?
half, Feb 25 2004

       of course. It just seems so clever <sniff>
theircompetitor, Feb 25 2004

       'specially the Aussie ones.
bristolz, Feb 26 2004

       Stay away from that bread.
bristolz, Feb 26 2004

       //emasculated milk//   

       Better than masculated milk.
Detly, Feb 26 2004

       jutta -- at least throw it into the non-lame Halfbakery tagline list
theircompetitor, Feb 26 2004

       Focus on the buns... but is it a vote on the idea, its' timing, it's' presentation, your current popularity? Buns or Bones is a clearly judicious manner of voting.

It would seem that if you're sold on your own idea and you're pleased with the way you presented it, then buns or bones would be equally welcome. Bones are a signal that you can improve it in some way or enhance it to increase the market potential, as ultimately you want it to be perfect.
I agree that freezing the buns could help establish the good side better. But you risk losing valuable ground as the parade of bakers check the new posts ... but if you're closed... they may not return. So, it may be better to freeze the bones ~ that would stop the snowball effect of the peanut galleries momentum in focusing on the downside.
no12pass, Feb 26 2004


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