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Improve Look of Voting Options

Use compact icons (+, -, 0) instead of words
  (+2, -12)(+2, -12)
(+2, -12)
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I find the current layout of the voting options confusing and cluttered. Too many words are squeezed into this tiny little space.

How about "Vote:<br><big>+<br>-</big>" and "Change vote:<br>null<br><big>+</big>" instead??

Simple (text) icons seem so much more immediately understandable to use than the current "for" and "against".

To increase ease-of-click the + and - links could be padded by &nbsp; characters on both ends.

mar, Jul 19 2000


       Disagree. I think it's fine as it is, but not if erik agrees with ccaamgw and mab disagrees with jutta.
Lemon, Jul 19 2000, last modified Jul 21 2000

       I agree with Lemon.
ccaamgw, Jul 19 2000

       I agree with ccaamgw.
hippo, Jul 19 2000

       I agree with hippo.
erik, Jul 19 2000

       So... have we all agreed to agree or agreed to disagree?
eagle, Jul 19 2000

       I beg to differ.
jutta, Jul 19 2000

       I disagree with Jutta.
mab, Jul 19 2000

       The "for" and "against" options are easy enough to read on my browser, but the symbols used in the lists are hard to distinguish. Perhaps coloring the fish red (and maybe coloring the hand green) would help?
supercat, Jul 19 2000

       HAND? Argh.
jutta, Jul 19 2000

       LOL. Always was a croissant for me. After all, why is this thing called halfbakery? Hm? Hm?
erik, Jul 19 2000

       Jutta -- don't take it pesonally, but the croissant (clever, given the logo) and the dead fish were not so obvious the first time I saw them. Now that most of us know what the icons are and their use, they're just fine.   

       But supercat did have a good point about coloring the icons -- but it would take away from your site's look'n'feel.
eagle, Jul 19 2000

       I agree with the people who were agreeing with the guy who said they were fine like they are...<grin> I liked the straight fish better than the curved one, but it works as it is...Think the colors, or lack thereof, are cool as they are as well...
StarChaser, Jul 20 2000

       I like it the way it is, plain, simple, fast and not to much images. Yeah.. my idea ;)
enveekaa, Jul 20 2000

       I agree
davros42, Sep 15 2000

       Don't like them personally (they'd distract from the score icons), but if you had to, what do you do for "retract vote back to neutral"?
jutta, Sep 15 2000

       Retract to neutral? A hand with the thumb cut off, of course (blood optional).   

       I love how the croissant and fish icons look... I think they are perfect as-is. The only thing I would suggest is a slight layout change, since the voting options are kind of bunched up and have funny line breaks (at least on my setup...)   

       Perhaps the start of the annotations could be bumped down slightly to be even with the top of the idea body text, and then the vote icons and options could be run horizontally above the annotations column. Does that make sense?
PotatoStew, Sep 16 2000

       I both agree and disagree with PotatoStew. I like the icons like they are, and think the compact view is perfect. No need to string them out across the screen unnecessarily, having 'for' and 'against' stacked makes them more accessible.   

       And the half-croissant/stinkfish are perfect.
StarChaser, Sep 16 2000

       Could we have FOR and AGAINST in caps? Easier to see in the screen clutter for high speed word-readers.   

       Instead of the Christian Loaves & Fishes, could we have a non-sectarian XXX and ticks? Like our teachers did for us in school.
gz, May 03 2001

       Deer ticks or dog ticks?
PotatoStew, May 03 2001

       I agree with lotech.
absterge, May 03 2001


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