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I Hate Jacksonville

Those damn bast*rds...
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Say you open a bar in Nashville or something. Now, the only major sports team you have are the Titans. And you have a rivalry with several teams, let's say Jacksonville. Now what you would do is take all of the bad publicity in the papers and put that up on the wall... like say two murders happened the other day in Jacksonville, clip it out and put it up on the wall. The walls would literally be "papered" with anti-Jacksonville sentiment. Then when you were carding people, if you found someone was from Jacksonville, you would make them go stick their head in a hole in the wall. When they did that, you would take a picture from the other side, and it would be a big painting of a donkey, and the caption would say "We caught another Jacksonville jack-ass." Or something like that... then put all of these pictures up on the walls somewhere, and offer to sell them a postcard or something which says "Thank God I'm Finally Out of Jacksonville" with their donkey picture on it.

I am still in the planning stages, and maybe Jacksonville wouldn't be the best place to hate, but I think a bar fueled by hate would be a good idea. I am also crazy, though, so don't trust me on that one.

pnewp, Feb 01 2001

(?) Here's a warning http://www.fridayclub.co.uk/beer3.html
for all tourists in the east end of Glasgow. [mcscotland, Jan 28 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]

And here's what it looks like http://www.glasgowg...sgow-rangers1z.html
(No one has had the guts to photograph it from the inside yet) [mcscotland, Jan 28 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       damn, you really hate jacksonville dont you? What did they ever do to you?
darth_smoothies, Feb 01 2001

       I don't particularly hate Jacksonville... I was just using them as an example. :)
pnewp, Feb 01 2001

       perfect. i love it.
darth_smoothies, Feb 01 2001

       You could open a whole chain of hate-oriented 'theme bars'. Naturally Jacksonville would be the perfect place to open the 'I hate Nashville' theme bar. Anywhere where I happen to live would be the perfect place for the 'I quite dislike New York' bar. This could be as big as TGI Friday's.
hippo, Feb 02 2001

       I know this is two months late but I figured out the answer, just in case anyone was reading archived material:   

       A restaurant based on hating TGI Friday's. That way it can be just as cookie cutter as TGI Friday's, everywhere you hated the same restaurant. You could build them next to existing Friday's in ajoining strip malls, etc. You would get all the people who hate TGI Friday's or even just hate Fridays in general and when a Friday's employee came, you could sing to them and give them a cake that tasted really bad. People love this stuff: Pepsi vs. Coke; West Coast Rappers v. East Coast Rappers; Fred Durst v. Christina Aquillera; TGI Fridays v. FU Fridays, etc...
Rusty, Mar 30 2001

       TGINTGIFriday ?
sirrobin, Mar 31 2001

       Would you serve "Hostile Meals" or "Unhappy Meals"? Ya know you could open up "Hostile Hostels" too.
thumbwax, Mar 31 2001

       As themes go, I've certainly seen worse. The Nashville-Jacksonville thing might be too new to draw enough business, though. We're still not entirely used to having a team of our own (although you could perhaps get away with "I Hate Nashville" in Memphis, where they're cranky that the Tennessee Titans are seen as a Nashville-specific team...).   

       You could branch out to various other hate themes. The original sounds like a good sports bar, but the I Hate LA in New York wouldn't need to be specific. Your town has no pro sports, or college rivalries? Open a dance club called I Hate Goths. Require all patrons to wear pastel colors and smile.
Richelieu, Jun 28 2001

       Hate to be a downer, but I'm envisioning street brawls & drive-by shootings being the logical outgrowth of such a theme.
Onalee, Aug 31 2001

       That's the whole idea, rarely seen poster.
thumbwax, Jan 28 2002

       Baked: The Loudon Bar, Duke Street Glasgow. Go in there and tell them your from anywhere in Ireland. [see link]
mcscotland, Jan 28 2002

       How about an 'I Hate Irish Theme Bars" Bar?
goff, Jan 28 2002

       I'd blame it on that NFL re-allignment !!!
jimmyg869, Aug 21 2002

       yes, Jacksonville's a fine place to hate. they spawned limp bizkit.
xer0negative, Apr 05 2004

       Detroit would do this to themselves, just for the publicity. Wait, they already do in any Lion's-decorated facility.
RayfordSteele, Feb 01 2005

       This is too much like some real pubs in London [-]
pertinax, Jun 13 2006

       The hatred need not be reciprocal...   

       For example: Kansas City hates St. Louis (egotistcal bastards!), Saint Louis hates Chicago (successful economically-sound bastards!), Chicago hates...uhm...well, I guess Gary, Indiana (steel-making bastards!) and so on. Nobody hates Kansas City, really.
shapu, Jun 13 2006

       i hate how kansas city is in missouri.
tcarson, Jun 14 2006


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