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Laundromat Dance Club

A club where people can come to do their laundry and dance.
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I would like to open a club that features a laundramat as it's 'hook'.

Waiting in line to get into the club with a load of laundry slung over your shoulder. There is a cover fee and an additional per load charge, but it's just enough to cover the costs of doing laundry (water, soap, elect, maintanice) as none of the machines take money. When you enter, on one side is a bank of washing machines, on the other, a bank of dryers (prefferably the ones with the big round windows). In between however is what sets this place apart... A dance floor , blacklights, and the some heavy techno beats being spun by the inhouse DJ. Beers and wines are served at the bar. There are also large lockers availbie for when you have finished the laundry but aren't quite ready to leave the party.

I imagine that "foam night" would also do very well in this sort of setting.

photojunkie, Jan 25 2005

The Laundry Bar http://www.laundrybar.com/home.html
Home page for the Laundry Bar in Miami [jaxmeier, Jan 28 2005]


       Folding tables?
contracts, Jan 25 2005

       well obviously i'm not going to mention every amenity that the place will have, that would take to long...
photojunkie, Jan 25 2005

       Well if you give everything a humorous double meaning, like the previous example, it would take half as long.
cuckoointherye, Jan 25 2005

       ....anticipating new dances, with names like "Spin Dry" and "Gentle Cycle"......
normzone, Jan 25 2005

       I assumed this is what happens to my street clothes when I check into the Lotus. Some friends are going there Sat. night, I should be making them some LED clothes so they'll have something to wear but i can't be everywhere. Buckin the Tito flight info, doin the nano robot for three days straight. They just strut...they know what is what...they just strut...but they don't know what is what...they the what the f... Phil Ochs.   

       Yeah, drop them pants, you like it like that.
mensmaximus, Jan 25 2005

       I like this idea. I suggest that women and men bold enough to take all their clothes off and wash them would get their drinks for free.
Pericles, Jan 26 2005

       [Pericles], This is all well explained in E.M. Forster's short story, "The Hedge", written 100 years ago, so we're not stretching anything here.
mensmaximus, Jan 26 2005

       Sounds strikingly like the Laundry Bar in Miami   

jaxmeier, Jan 28 2005


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