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I Hate That Song

A button on the radio you press when you hate a song
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Most people like me have 4 or 5 radio stations they switch between in the car when driving depending on the music being played. If a song comes on you don't like you change to one of your other favourite stations.

What you need is an I hate that song button. You press the button and not only does it auto change to anther station but it also marks that song in its database. Next time that song comes on it will auto change to another station without you doing a thing.

This idea could also be expanded with an I like that song button that changes to the appropriate station when it is playing.

Braindead, Mar 19 2006

I Hate That Tune I_20Hate_20that_20Tune
Earlier idea by [DocBrown]. Not particular similar but I thought I'd reopen an old wound. Damn frog. [hidden truths, Mar 20 2006]

Pandora Internet Radio Station http://pandora.com/
Learns from the music you like, and plays appropriate songs. Doesn't work perfectly, but worth playing about with. [lostdog, Mar 20 2006]

Music Identification http://www.cs.cmu.e...cvpr2005-rahuls.pdf
Identify a song by a few seconds of music [Braindead, Mar 24 2006]


       Fantastic, although the I Hate That Song idea is far more workable than the I Like That Song one. Bun.
Mr Phase, Mar 19 2006

       It would nice if there was some way of collating this information and sending it to the station. I usually listen to XFM (I'm very loyal even though it's often rubbish), but I wish they could tell when I'm switching to Radio1 because I can't bear to listen to the Arctic Monkeys one more time.
wagster, Mar 19 2006

       It would work for ads too, which might be even more useful to the stations and advertisers.
bungston, Mar 19 2006

       What happens if you press it during a newscast?
bristolz, Mar 20 2006

       Do newscasts have those inaudible signals that tell your radio what you're listening to? (Or ads, for that matter?)
DrCurry, Mar 20 2006

       Music recommendation services (like Amazon uses) might be more powerful if they allowed you to rate your dislikes as well as those things you like.
hippo, Mar 20 2006

       Why do you hate that song? I suspect that it might be something to do with the number of times it is repeated. A relatively harmless song becomes by turns boring, irritating and then red mist inducing. So a further refinement of this excellent idea might be to limit the number of times you hear a song. Therefore, when that bloody James Blunt starts whining for the sixth time within a week the channel changes to somewhere where he isn't.
Gordon Comstock, Mar 20 2006

       Honestly, the people marketing most of this crap would very much like to get this information. AND you get the satisfaction involved in "nuking" the annoying stuff. Will the radio just turn off if you hit the "I hate that" button for every station? (+)
NoOneYouKnow, Mar 20 2006

       How about an I hate that person (phone / doorbell), I hate that food plate. I hate that car road, I hate that bill mailbox, I hate that ....   

       Could you create an I hate that robot and simply instruct the robot with the appropriate I hate item and required automated response for the robot to perform in the event it occurs?   

       Never get annoyed again.
Braindead, Mar 20 2006

       I hate that science.
hidden truths, Mar 20 2006

       At least with radio you can turn it off if you hate the song. For 'music on hold' you are stuck. It's the most torturous situation for bad music - you can't not listen, or your party might pick-up at that moment. So a press "9 if you hate this song" would be a good build on this idea.   

       Where are the IVR designers?
rossgk, Mar 20 2006

       I like it... maybe could be adapted to recognise certain people on the telly and replace their image with somebody else's?

eg. The Queens national address feat. Keira Knightly
lukecleland, Mar 21 2006

       a lot of stations here dont play much music- so changing the channel from an annoying song might just get you the weather-- maybe add another button that will let you record songs you like-- then you could push it after the "hate" button-- and it randomly picks a song that you like to listen to of an equal length instead
wakeNbake, Mar 21 2006

       "I hate that song" can go right along with "I hate that annoying commercial"
Jscotty, Mar 21 2006

       Holy Shit, Gordon Comstock. I don't think I even know you, but I recall your name from yesteryear. Wow.   

       Idea=brillance, and a bun.
blissmiss, Mar 23 2006

       what if your musical tastes change, or you sell your car? - It'd make a great car-theft deterrant - That give me an idea!... (Bun BTW)
Dub, Mar 23 2006

       How would most radios know that the song is playing? Unless it has RDS, it can't know what song is on. All a radio does is convert radio waves to sound waves, it doesn't know what songs it's playing.
kewldude471, Mar 23 2006

       //How would most radios know that the song is playing?//   

       Use a music identitification System see link. You could create a central database as well so you login to your radio (ie rental car, change cars) and it then checks with a central database.
Braindead, Mar 24 2006

       Wouldn't a DAB radio have the relevant info to hand?
wagster, Mar 24 2006

       ...The idea was way too close to "Stuff that gets even when stolen" :(
Dub, Mar 25 2006

       StumbleUpon for radios. I like it.
angrygoatface, Mar 26 2006

       A larger scale use of this option would be nice, so that radio stations responsible for broadcasting HateSongs get some kind of real-time statistics and choose songs accordingly. Heck, even the radio stations could have some sort of simlar system to use in order to let the artists know what not to play
sweet, Mar 26 2006

       //How would most radios know that the song is playing?//   

       the moment you push the HateButton the radio buffers part of the song - i assume frequencies between 2kHz - 8kHz corresponding human voice are the hateReason - without too much memory/processing power consumption, and after 10-20 seconds of relevant hateTime, switches the radio station and then compares every new song you're listening with the pre-recorded hateSong.   

       this kind of system could easyly be converted to a HatePerson memory, which, using a little voice recognition, and a proper connection with a catapult located under the passenger seat or passenger airbags would do miracles... im going to edit it.. about now
sweet, Mar 26 2006

       wtf? no bones? what about the obvious disfunction in the fact that sometimes i want to listen to rush's tom sawyer, and sometimes i dont. case closed. bone.
daseva, Apr 04 2006

       /what about the obvious disfunction in the fact that sometimes i want to listen to rush's tom sawyer, and sometimes i dont./ -GumBob   

       Then just change the station on those songs you don't want to listen to right NOW. Mark the ones you NEVER, EVER, EVER want to listen to, EVER.   

       <Goes off humming quietly while wacking head repeatedly> Oh Mickey, you're so fine, you're so fine... <Goes off humming quietly while wacking head repeatedly>
NotTheSharpestSpoon, Apr 04 2006

       [negatively defined spoon], that's fair, but still may be slightly too cumbersome to commit to at 7am. My bone stays, though i would probably use it.
daseva, Apr 04 2006


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