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Head Radio

Put a Metal Plate in your Head!
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It's a simple thing. You go to your local plastic surgeon, and ask them to install a metal plate in your head, similar to the ones used to fix skull fractures. Also plant a small chip that radios use to pick up the certain waves. And there you have a radio in you're head. Don't forget to get your favorite station pre programed!
gregkerry, May 07 2002


       And so, you have this plate and a chip in your head, receiving your favorite station but you have no way to hear it because the designer (the author of this idea) neglected to provide any mechanism to output the signal as either an acoustic signal to the ears or as an electrical signal to the hearing center of the brain.   

       Maybe the output of a transducer could be conducted acoustically through the bone of the skull but, as written, the only bone that makes sense here is the fishbone.
bristolz, May 08 2002

       Close to the Wired head thing, with the tooth battery and blood generator, except that detailed how it worked. FishNchips 2 U
em-tae, May 11 2002

       Baked. Ever heard of Project MK-Ultra?   

       The "friendly" american government was trying out variious mind control techniques during the 60's, they experimented with drugs and also with microwave implants in people brain lobes. In the middle of the night, they would send folk messages to see if they would carry them out. Most did. Some of the unsuspecting "volunteers" startes to receive FM rtadio signals during the day and couldn't get the sound out of their head.   

       Aaaarrrggghhh! The voices! The voices!
[ sctld ], May 11 2002


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