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I Miss My View of the WTC

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One of my friends in New York used to have a view of the World Trade Centre towers, and constantly misses it.

Having taken many pics from her rear window area, it was a simple matter to print out one of the appropriate sections to scale, carefully cut around the missing towers and paste them in position on the window surface.

Of course the parallax only works from a limited view point, and the effect is a bit incongruent at night, but the folk at "I Miss My View of the WTC" make these caveats clear in their literature. (that's right - following the success of the first installation, a company has sprung into existence)

Now anyone who really cannot live without their forever lost vista of the WTC can have that view restored. All they need do is send a selection of the many images that they are bound to have taken to: I Miss My View of the WTC, and our technicians will do the rest.

Within a short space of time of placing an order, a perfect replica self-adhesive sticker of the former view will arrive, precision cut out and ready to peel and stick. (printed in totally opaque fade proof long life material)

Also available - I Miss My View of Saddam's Now Toppled Statue.

xenzag, Feb 28 2010

Landmarks in 3D from vacation photos http://uwnews.washi...asp?articleID=37724
The 10,000 images approach [RayfordSteele, Feb 28 2010]

Light of Other Days http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Slow_light
In the same spirit. I had in mind the Bob Shaw story. [mouseposture, Feb 28 2010]

Portsmouth http://images.googl...%3D2%26tbs%3Disch:1
[coprocephalous, Mar 01 2010]

Dubai http://www.flashydu...ai_Burj_Al_Arab.jpg
[coprocephalous, Mar 01 2010]


       How about "I Miss My View of the Great Pyramid Before Those Arabs Nicked all the Casing Stones"?
Wrongfellow, Feb 28 2010

       I'm not too sure if there were too many cameras around then though.
xenzag, Feb 28 2010

       Almost just for the irony, I'd like to sell Athenians "I miss my view of the Parthenon marbles" stickers, with "Printed in the UK" at the bottom in tiny letters.
hippo, Feb 28 2010

       There was software being written awhile back that could piece together camera images famous landscapes from differing perspectives in order to create a 3-d rendering. I'll look it up...
RayfordSteele, Feb 28 2010

       Can you do something about those 68 floors I used to have under me?
theircompetitor, Feb 28 2010

       I'm currently designing a bit 'o corporate branding malarky in Flash. The background gradually changes from one skyline to another, London, New York, Paris, Dubai, just to show everyone how "global" they are. Thing is, London is obvious - it has St. Paul's dome. Paris is obvious - Eiffel tower. Dubai has the Burj, and that's pretty unmistakeable. New York though, just doesn't look like New York any longer. I can't put the Twin Towers into the skyline coz some evil f**kers broke them, but without them the Manhattan skyline looks just like some sort of generic cityscape. Apart from being annoying on this current project, this also makes me sad.   

wagster, Feb 28 2010

       I agree, but would have thought that midtown, especially around the Chrysler Building was still fairly iconic.
xenzag, Feb 28 2010

       Empire State?
DrWorm, Mar 01 2010

       //Dubai has the Burj, and that's pretty unmistakeable//
Unless you're in Portsmouth.
coprocephalous, Mar 01 2010

       Different Burj - Portsmouth looks like the Burj-el-Arab, but Dubai looks like the Bruj Khalifa which is a whole new ballgame in terms of architectural macho posturing.   

       I ended up using the Chrysler Building - it's not quite so obvious in silhouette but it kinda does the job.
wagster, Mar 01 2010

       [bigsleep] - Someone appears to have nicked off with the Luxor and dropped it upside-down in Eastern Europe.
wagster, Mar 01 2010

       Is this from the same people who brought us the "I miss my ex-wife" inflatable doll?
stupop, Mar 01 2010


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