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Telescope windows

For nosey people and astronomers
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These windows have 2 panes, (curved slightly to act as lenses), double glazed, but have controls to increase/decrease the distance between them. The inner pane is quite a bit smaller than the outer pane, but still large enough to see though from a distance.
To magnify objects the user will operate the distance between panes manually - by using the magnification adjustment controls. To allow the panes to move apart - there will be air inlets, allowing the movement of air into and out of the inter-pane space. The problem of condensation will be solved by heating the panes.
They will make attic rooms and conserveratories much more interesting.
fridge duck, Jun 02 2005


       Imagining huge arrays of such windows shedding focused geometric patterns onto the yonder walls of some tall atrium of sorts at some awesome institute of sorts using programmed spacing/rotation. Oh, could we please allow for the big window to angle on an either vertical or horizontal axis? [+]
daseva, Jun 02 2005

       And I want large sheets of film to position in the room against the far wall, and lots of duct tape for the light leaks.
normzone, Jun 02 2005

       I thought about angling windows, but they would need to be covered to stop rain getting in which may make it a little more awkward.
(Of course since I live in Wales the very thought of a rainless day confuses me - Although I'm sure some places may not have this trouble)
fridge duck, Jun 02 2005

       I like the double edged nature of this idea. Not only will you be able to see long distances, but people looking in on you will think you are a giant.   

       Edit: Or possibly a midget. I'm really not sure. I'll just sit over here quietly in the corner.
hidden truths, Jun 02 2005

       I spy, with my HUGE FREAK'N EYE an inverted +   

       There's a basic problems with this idea. Curving the glass is not going to produce a lens--at least not one that focuses in less than several hundred feet.
ldischler, Jun 04 2005

       Could we build these into rotating dome shaped rooms? This idea would work very well if coupled with the big window angling on a vertical axis, with sheets of film to position in the room...   

       Well, then it would be baked as an "observatory..." more or less.
ye_river_xiv, Aug 03 2006


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